Virtual Workshops

For Team Leaders, Owners, and Office Managers

Courageous Conversations:
Master the Important Conversations You’ve Been Avoiding

Everything gets better when you communicate better: Productivity, attitudes, accountability… not to mention how much you love coming to work every day.

A cornerstone of productive, positive work cultures is the ability to communicate within a team with compassion, accountability, non-judgement, and accuracy. In this workshop, Katherine Eitel Belt will help owners, managers, and team members stop avoiding important and critical conversations and learn to embrace and succeed with them by using a self-management checklist and a simple 4-step conversation framework. This workshop includes real-life examples, live demonstrations, and tremendous inspiration. Katherine will showcase what can be accomplished both professionally and personally when you successfully handle conversations about broken agreements, under performance, non-participation, negativity, or toxic behavior. If you want to build a team of mature and responsible communicators, self-starters, critical thinkers, and problem solvers, join us to learn a life-changing way to improve leadership, relationships, teamwork, and results.

Courageous Conversations with Lion Speak training

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Instantly shift

    to a strong leadership mindset

  • Utilize our framework

    for 4 steps to a Courageous Conversation

  • Lead and coach others

    to unlock their potential

  • Create team alignment

    and accountability

  • Resolve conflicts

    as well as poor attitudes, lack of accountability, and immature behaviors

  • Up-level the communication maturity

    within your team

What You’ll Get:

  • Courageous Conversation Poster to support compliance and training
  • Step-by-Step PDF Workbook
  • Opportunity to get feedback and real-time dialogue for your toughest questions and scenarios
  • Role play scenarios to practice with your team

“Katherine’s unique method for Courageous Conversations has helped me grow as a coach and feel more confident leading my teams. I teach it to all our office managers and team leads so they, too, can positively impact their team’s relationships, accountability, and growth. I am no longer reticent to take on tough conversations, and the growth in my people has been rewarding, to say the least.”

-Geri Gottlieb, Owner, GG Practice Coaching & Development

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Jan 18-20, 2021 • 3 days, 3 hrs ea day
$699 early bird / $799 standard •
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For Frontline Team Members and Practice Administrators

Have Them at Hello:
Unscripted Telephone Skills for the Exceptional Practice

Answer every call with a Telephone SuperStar!

Throw out those old, tired scripts and convert more callers to appointments! You can be extremely effective and still be YOU! In this high-energy workshop, Katherine Eitel Belt, Dentistry’s Unscripted Communication Expert, debunks the myths about telephone scripts and heavy-handed sales techniques and shares 4 simple, innovative steps to polish your team’s telephone skills and improve your results. Discover how to create consistency of message without using a script and increase productivity tomorrow with incoming new patient calls, including price shoppers and insurance callers. Learn to use a call evaluation process that can make a true, positive difference and accelerate your team training.

Stop missing calls and losing revenue!

With 40% of calls going unanswered in the average dental office and conversion rates hovering around 35%, the lost revenue and opportunities are staggering. Whether you are a referral-based practice or market externally, this course will dramatically improve your success in converting more calls to appointments, increasing your marketing ROI, and cementing your reputation as a practice with extraordinary patient service.

Have them at Hello course with Lion Speak

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Use our easy “4 Steps to a Great Phone Call” framework

    instead of a script

  • Get and maintain control

    of every call

  • Handle difficult callers with ease

    such as price shoppers, insurance questions and emergency callers

  • Successfully manage callers

    who won’t stop talking

  • Promote your practice and your doctor

    with ease

  • Improve outgoing calls

    such as confirmation and reactivation

  • Handle cancellation calls


  • Utilize VIP Intake Call Form

    and customize it to fit your needs

  • Implement a call evaluation and training program

    your team will love

  • Measure your results


You’ll Get:

  • Step-by-step PDF Workbook
  • Customizable VIP Intake Call Form
  • An opportunity to present your questions and tough scenarios to Katherine so she can demonstrate how well the system works

“Adopting Katherine’s unscripted ‘4 Steps to a Great call’ process has been a gamechanger for our small DSO! It has given us the ability to set client service and communication guidelines with clear expectations for our team members when taking an incoming call. Initially, there was some hesitation from the team, but Katherine’s coaching soon replaced that with confidence. This boost in confidence and skill has helped our team members convert more calls, expertly handle difficult callers, and better serve our patients. Don’t miss this workshop!”

-Kelli Garcia, Practice Manager, Kids Care

You must have audio and video capability in your computer in order to partcipate in this workshop.

November 17-18, 2021 • 3 hrs each day
Early bird $399 / Standard $499
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For Trainers, Speakers, and Team Leaders

Transformational Trainer’s Workshop:
Turn Your Cubs into Lions by Delivering Interactive Trainings that Create Mastery, Engagement, and Independence

In March 2020, the world of training and coaching radically shifted and was forever changed. Delivering our content in the same way is no longer an option. And, just like a lioness on the African savannah, we must adapt or perish. What can we learn from the Lioness? Turns out… a lot. Just like her cubs must learn to stalk, chase, and feed themselves independently… your employees, students, and participants depend on you to teach them the skills they need to succeed and thrive.

  • Not sure how to get true engagement and real results when you deliver your trainings (virtual or on-site)?
  • Are you worried the meat of your message just isn’t getting through?
  • Ever feel like people are listening but not applying the training?
  • Do trainees sometimes show up as resistant, unengaged, disruptive, or passive?
  • Want quicker buy-in, predictable results, and higher levels of mastery with your material?
  • Wish everyone (including you!) had a lot more fun while learning?
  • Want to charge more and fill every seat at your next course?

This workshop is for YOU!

For the first time ever in a virtual format, Katherine Eitel Belt proudly presents an all-new, updated, and completely refreshed course specifically for trainers that is unlike any you’ve ever taken before! If you are tired of the way training has been done for the last 50 years and need a reboot on how to thrive in this new landscape, join her and an intimate group of your fellow trainers, managers, and consultants for a hands-on workshop that will change your professional life (and your clients’ lives) forever! Katherine is internationally as the Lioness of Adult Learning Techniques. She will share her formulas and secrets for delivering training that sticks in either live or virtual environments as well as handling disruptive personalities, resistant learners, and underperforming team members to reach their full potential.

Katherine is a powerful, experienced trainer who has coached thousands of consultants, managers, and workshop leaders to deliver content that creates excitement, buy-in, and compliance. Transform yourself and your content in this inspirational and interactive safari through the jungle of proven training, coaching, and adult learning techniques.

It’s a jungle out there… Don’t miss this workshop!

“‘Fire hosing’ audiences or client teams with everything you know about your subject becomes a thing of the past when you know how to help participants discover good ideas on their own. Too much information may be just as bad as not enough. ‘Discovery’ is the Lioness Way! This workshop should be mandatory learning for every speaker, trainer, and coach! You’ll learn how chunking content and presenting differently will help you win as a trainer, help the practice win as a business, and make sure your information sticks! Register today for this workshop… Katherine Eitel Belt is the best trainer in the industry, bar none!”

-Linda Miles, CSP
Consultant, Co-Founder of Oral Cancer Cause

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Train for independence

    and have them begging for more!

  • Crank up real learning

    and fun (and not look silly!)

  • Leverage your teaching style

    and establish proper objectives for different learning styles

  • Rework your current material

    into learning modules that get instant and better results

  • Know what to throw out

    and what to keep

  • Effectively structure

    multiple days of training

  • Gain “buy in”

    from participants

  • Access training resources

    for both virtual & on-site tools & exercises

  • Reward involvement

    and achievement

  • Control the setup

    of the physical learning environment and A/V for maximum results

  • Create effective handouts

    to supplement your presentation

  • Skillfully handle

    difficult or resistant participants

  • Evaluate your training

    in a truly meaningful way

  • Sell this new way

    of training to your clients and raise your fees accordingly

  • Reinvent your material and delivery techniques

    for a virtual world

What You’ll Get:

  • Step-by-Step PDF Workbook
  • eBook with 100+ Transformational Training Exercises, Resources, and Tools (worth $495)
  • An opportunity to present your questions and tough scenarios to Katherine so she can demonstrate how well the system works

“Katherine Eitel Belt’s Transformational Trainers Workshop for speakers and trainers is the best coaching available in the area of content development and presentation skills for workshops, trainings, and live or virtual presentations. Her deep knowledge of adult learning skills is the best in industry. I’ve referred many dozens of speakers and trainers over the years and they consistently report back that these workshops are literally life changing: transforming everything from the way they present their educational content to the results they achieve in their businesses. Run, don’t walk to learn from the Lioness!”

-Vanessa Emerson, Founder, Dental Speakers Institute

December 7-8, 2021 • Two full days
Early Bird $1099 / Standard $1199 • Register today!

Space is limited.
You must have audio and video capability on your computer in order to participate in this workshop.