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Training Exercises & Testing Components

Promoting “Student Discovery”

Achieve remarkable results with your team using these innovative and interactive training exercises which utilize The Lioness Principle, a teaching method that promotes “student discovery” versus traditional “teacher delivery” of new material such as enhanced verbal skills, organizational systems, teamwork, and personal leadership.

75 Exercises in 7 categories: Openers, Topic Introductions, Reviews, Teambuilding, Testing Components, Energizers, and Closers. Every exercise comes with detailed instructions, materials needed, group size, time requirements, and suggested alternatives; organized with detailed table of contents, all in a customizable format so you can easily add your own ideas and alternatives.

(These WORD documents are easily modified/customized for your training needs. Microsoft Office required.) 

NOTE: Attendees of The Lioness Principle Transformational Trainer Workshops receive these exercises with their course materials.

LionSpeak training exercises
practice feud

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“These exercises have transformed my workshops! Before, I used to talk at my team members, now I help them discover for themselves what is holding them back from reaching their office goals. The exercises bring excitement, laughter and light bulb moments to my offices!”

—Jennifer Schultz, Consultant