Transformational Trainer’s Workshop Level II

Transform Yourself, Your Client Results,
Your Income, Your Personal Joy
… One Step Further!

Calling All Cats! Level 1 cubs are all grown up and now it’s on to the next generation of Lions and Lionesses. World-class trainer Katherine Eitel proudly presents a course that will help you stay ahead of the herd and advance your training prowess even further!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • See better results instantly with your clients
  • Hear comments like “this was the best training you’ve ever done with us!”
  • Feel completely recharged and reinvigorated about your career, your training, and your vision.

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April 2-3, 2024

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Two full days.
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Advanced Transformation Training Level 2

(for Level 1 Graduates only)

Transformational Training Level II Includes:

  • Brand New Tools – Refresh your tool kit with a whole new generation of:
    • Openers, Closers, Energizers
    • Reviews, Tests, Topic Introductions
    • Game Boards and Props
  • Adult Learning Theory – Explore advanced theory
  • Remove Your Roadblocks – What’s holding you back from this way of teaching?  Find out and deal with it in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Discovery vs. Delivery – Take a “deeper dive” into mastering the concept of Participant-Based Discovery
  • The Art of Questioning – Learn the power and art of questioning to facilitate deeper learning
  • Experiential Learning– This will blow your mind!  Get participants to conceptualize your content at a “cellular level” by experiencing it in a deeply physical and emotional way.
  • Uncommon Learning Environments – Transform an ordinary room into one that transports participants to another dimension – indoors & outdoors.
  • Debriefing – This is where the magic happens.  Learn an easy formula that accelerates experiential learning.
  • Webinars and Telephone Coaching – How to use Transformation Training techniques in these venues.
  • Power Positions – Recognize and manage the “power” and “hot spots” in your room effectively
  • Signals – See how using “signals” with your audience can raise the roof!
  • Bookstores – Get rich by enriching others.  Learn to “bookstore” your products and services that will have clients pulling out their checkbooks and running to the back of the room for more of you before they leave.
  • Level II Designation – Receive our newly-designed  Advanced Transformational Trainer logo
  • Serious Learning.  Serious Fun.  – Have more fun, laughs, and “Aha’s!” than the law allows!
  • Take the Learning Outdoors….   You’ll be up and out of your seat as you move into the role of trainer to facilitate the learning as we head outdoors with beautiful San Diego as a backdrop.  This is experiential learning at its best!