The Trainer’s Pride:
Transformational Training Continuum

Calling All Trainers, Managers, Coaches, and Instructors!

  • Do your meetings devolve into gripe sessions?
  • Are your workshop attendees or team members disengaged, bored, or disruptive?
  • Are you frustrated with a lack of application and follow through?
  • Want more buy-in, engagement, and mastery for your adult students?

We can help! Join our Trainers Pride and crank up the learning, fun, and compliance!

It’s a jungle out there so stop going it alone! Join our Pride.

Katherine Eitel Belt, CSP, invites you to join your fellow trainers and leaders in The Trainer’s Pride virtual monthly continuum.

In this community, you’ll connect more deeply with like-minded colleagues and stay current throughout the year with training trends. Every month, you’ll acquire fresh training tools for your toolbelt, find help for planning your upcoming trainings and rest assured there is a place to find training solutions when you are stuck.

The Trainer’s Pride is a virtual community that meets monthly via Zoom. These 90-minute sessions include:

  • Hot Off the Press: Discover what’s new in the science and delivery of experiential training
  • Recharge: Deep dive review of one basic training principle
  • Tool Time: Expand your toolbox with a new training tool and exercise
  • Aha’s! Gain insights as fellow trainers share their best practices and successes
  • Breakthroughs: Bring your burning training questions. Leave with answers!

Perks of the Pride:

Members of The Trainer’s Pride receive exclusive invitations and discounts to masterclasses, private coaching sessions, live workshop events, and an online community.

Also included is 24/7 access to The Trainer’s Vault in which you’ll find select recordings, training exercises, training tools, and more so you can find what you need when you need it!

Your Investment:

Your annual commitment can be paid in two ways:

Monthly: $125/month with a 12-month commitment
Annually: $1200/year with optional renewal each year

Become a founding member in 2024 and keep this introductory pricing for the life of your membership!

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