Start Small. . .But Start!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

How do you build a cathedral? You place the first cornerstone.

How do you start a thousand-mile journey? With a single step.

How do you grow a majestic oak tree? By planting one small seed.

Whether it’s building a new website, writing a book, remodeling your office, mastering a new skill, or losing weight… big projects or goals can feel overwhelming. And most of us tend to procrastinate the overwhelming efforts in our life.

Today, you could identify two example websites to show to a web designer. This week, you could get the book outlined. This month, you could schedule one hour to work with your team and review the protocols for handling your most challenging telephone calls. This weekend, you could drink more water and eat two pieces of fruit as a snack.

Next week, you can add one more step. Go easy. Enjoy the process. Be kind to yourself. Win the short game over and over, and you ultimately win long one.

Little steps. Small commitments. One move in the direction of your goals and dreams. No more procrastination on those things you really want. This week start small but start.

“Be not afraid of growing slowly. Be afraid only of standing still. ”
Chinese Proverb

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