Warren Buffet said, “Public speaking is THE most valuable business skill you can learn.” And, we can help you do it!

SpeakEasy is our signature speakers workshop for sales teams, product reps, and vendors. Ratchet up your “short game” for 5- to 30-minute product presentations, lunch-and-learns, and speaker introductions for sponsored events. Katherine Eitel Belt, and her team of LionSpeak coaches, will help you create show-stopping presentations that attract clients, fascinate buyers, and drive sales.

With a fraction of the presentation time, none of the training, and skyrocketing convention costs, vendors who represent a product or service must be as good or better than a professional speaker. They must grab attention, craft a compelling message, and create a stampede to their booth, back-of-the-room table or website for instant or future sales!

Lights, Camera, Booth Action! We can get your sales team warmed up and ready for the upcoming convention season by tightening, lifting, and electrifying your short presentations to get potential customers and referral sources to buy into your unique selling proposition and want to do business with you.

vendors speaking workshop with lion speak
speakeasy sales speaking workshop

If you want to accelerate your career, motivate prospects, cement your reputation as an expert, and tip the market in your favor… The secret is SpeakEasy (but tell everyone!)

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Our SpeakEasy 1.5-day workshop will teach you how to:

  • Write a great speech in 10 minutes or less

    using our unique “Bookshelf” method

  • Drive sales and booth traffic

    with our 3-part closing formula

  • Solidify your brand

    using StorySelling techniques that communicate your company’s unique message

  • Create interest and excitement

    with targeted audience engagement tools

  • Grab attention

    with unforgettable speech openings

  • Lose the jitters

    and get more comfortable and conversational on stage

  • Look like a pro

    with tips on the physical delivery of your speech

  • Master technology and create effective slide decks

    without overdoing it

  • Get better quick

    we’ll push you and have you laughing in the process. We believe in fun, support, and quick growth. See how a few small changes can make a BIG difference!