Savoring the Busyness

We’ve been crazy busy here at LionSpeak this month. Part of it is seasonal as Spring is traditionally a busy time for us. Part of it is due to a raving fan of LionSpeak, Elijah Desmond, who has been referring speakers and vendors almost daily for several weeks to receive speaker’s coaching for his upcoming conference in April. I had also finished some videos for the Henry Schein Dental Business Institute Master Class Series that needed to be reviewed with timestamps for slide insertions and required a completely re-written workbook. Handouts are due for an upcoming summer presentation. I’m knee-deep in writing a book and my editor wants a re-written introduction and 20 more pages in 3 weeks. This is on top of our normal book of clients and all that is required to run a business and a household. Oh, and Tom’s 8th grandchild, little EmmaLynn, was born on Thursday (one week early) so we’re heading out unexpectedly for the weekend to welcome her into our family and our hearts. It would be easy to feel overwhelmed, and some days, honestly, I do.

Thank goodness for the practice of mindfulness and self-care. I’ve paid attention to my butt hurting from sitting for hours at my desk and have used its stand-up function a lot this month. I’ve stretched in the mornings and before bed. I’ve eaten well and ramped up my hydration. But, most importantly, I’ve practiced being intentional about savoring more of these ordinary, and not so ordinary, moments.

I realized recently that for most of my adult life one of my most dominant and driving forces every day has been seeing how quickly I can get things done and checked off my overly ambitious to-do list. I have literally felt envy for those who could make quick decisions, move fast, get a lot accomplished, and had seemingly figured out how to beat me at that race. In the past, I’ve made the statement, “That girl can really get s@#t done!” with the utmost admiration for some of my professional colleagues. Until now, I realized that I never once said, “That girl is really good at savoring her life.”

This month, I have definitely been busy. And, I have also discovered the balancing beauty of savoring the smaller moments that make up those big, productive days. It’s not just about pausing to be grateful, though that has its own enormous benefits. It’s also about how much more is possible when your mind is constantly being filled with thoughts that you find pleasing and wonderous versus how overwhelmed you feel when your mind is filled with thoughts of frustration, angst, and how much is still left on your list. Either is there for the taking. It’s up to us to choose what we will focus upon and with what we will fill up our minds and souls. I find it’s a practice, and I have to be intentional about it.

Take this very moment, for example. It’s Friday night. Tom and I are traveling in our comfortable car for several hours to welcome a precious new baby girl into our lives and our family’s circle of love. I’m savoring the luxury and dependability of my car and the tender blessing of this new little miracle in our lives.

As Tom settled in to listen to one of his podcasts on the drive, and I got ready to write my weekly Stretch, I found I had a bad case of writer’s block. I laid my head back, closed my eyes, and just relaxed and savored the quiet after such a frantic week. I was suddenly inspired with exactly what to write about: Savoring these moments! I smiled as I savored that divinely-inspired idea that had so effortlessly flowed right to me, yet again.

Just think about it. When I’m done, I will send this off to Kelly. She will proof it, find a perfect photo, and put it into a program that, by electronic magic, will land it right in your inbox right on time on Monday morning. It’s not hard to savor the thought of the talented people who work on my team and all that digital voodoo that allows my weekly musings to reach thousands of you each week. Those are pleasing thoughts worth savoring and ones that balance any thoughts of what I have yet to do.

Just the fact that thousands of people out there are interested in what I am interested in, resonate with my thoughts, ask similar questions, and enjoy being on this journey of growth and self-discovery is a delightful, delicious thought to me. Many of you will ponder this notion of savoring these tiny, ordinary miracles this week and write to me with other interesting perspectives and ideas or simply express your gratitude for the “perfect message at the perfect time.” I like the thought of that, too, very much.

It is an exceptionally good place to be when you are busy and productive, and you simultaneously feel so much appreciation for all that is—even down to the smallest, most insignificant yet wonderous detail.

I hope you, too, have some busy, productive days on tap this week. My deepest wish, though, is that you will be intentional about more than just getting s#@t done. I hope, like the message in this song by Sarah McLachlan (from the movie, Charlotte’s Web) that you will also decide to notice and savor all the little ordinary miracles right before your eyes all day long so that as you are massively productive, you will actually, truly enjoy it.

Sarah McLachlan Ordinary Miracle

“It’s not that unusual when everything is beautiful.
It’s just another ordinary miracle today”
~ Sarah McLachlan

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