Reasons and Excuses

There is a big difference between a legitimate reason not to start something you want to do and making an excuse not to start. A reason is usually something over which you have no control. An excuse is often a result of fear, insecurity, or a delay of that journey outside of your comfort zone which comes bubbling up from inside you the closer you get to the starting line.

Almost every client I work with to improve their leadership communications or speaking skills has “reasons” to delay the work. It certainly can be scary to be vulnerable and “open up the kimono” to examine your own self-leadership in order to influence others or to do the hard work of crafting a compelling message and conquering the self-doubt of speaking your message from the stage. I would be doing my clients a grave disservice to let those reason or excuses keep them from doing the important work they are here to do.

Today, we celebrate Memorial Day, a day dedicated to remembering the sacrifice of our armed forces. Men and women who overcame their excuses and showed up outside their comfort zones to do what needed to be done. This week, could we not use these powerful examples to recognize and conquer our own excuses and show up outside our own comfort zones to do whatever is necessary to guide and influence those who are looking to us for clear leadership or are needing to hear our important message from the stage?

At LionSpeak, if you’re ready… we’re ready. No excuses. No delays. Only powerful messages to communicate sooner than later. Let’s do this!

“Every excuse I ever heard made perfect sense to the person who made it. “
~ Dr. Daniel T. Drubin

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