“Practice Feud” Training Exercise

This is the BIG DADDY of
practice communication skills exercises!

With over 85 different practice scenarios, teams can compete for one hour or all-day with this amazing collection of game cards. Most cards present a patient scenario and ask “How would you handle this?” or “How should you respond to this patient?” Easily add more cards of your own to really hone the exact skills you need from your team. Fun, fast-moving and full of real learning based on years of Katherine’s observations and in-office training sessions with teams just like yours.

Katherine’s done the work for you:
  • Cards that are ready to print
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Extra hints and variations to use with teams of all sizes and kinds

You don’t have to hire a trainer to help your team meeting deliver a huge dose of skills improvement and productive changes. Practice Feud will breathe life back into your meeting and help you:
– Review material without lecturing
– Find a fun way to see what’s missing, misunderstood, or simply not being done
– Get everyone involved and contributing without feeling picked on or singled out

(These WORD documents are easily modified/customized for your training needs. Microsoft Office required.)

practice feud

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“Katherine Eitel is one of the most creative consultants/trainers of all times! She puts the FUN in fundamental team training. Beyond the fundamentals, she gives all employees a cutting edge in communication skills. Team members feel totally confident and competent while having fun learning new and better ways to communicate with patients and each other on a daily basis.”

—Linda Miles, CSP, CMC
Speaker, Author, Consultant