The Courageous Leadership Pride

For practice owners, office managers, team leads, & aspiring leaders who want to learn modern leadership skills and access the support of a like-minded community.

If your team struggles with turnover, low performance, negativity, or petty conflicts… A total team transformation is easier and faster than you think!  Stop babysitting, cajoling, and begging people to rise to a higher level of accountability, positivity, and solid results.  You CAN have the mature, accountable, positive team you’ve been dreaming of, and you don’t have to do it alone!  If you want to stop the conflict, upgrade your culture, and improve the accountability, positivity, and productivity of your team… join our Pride of like-minded leaders for the skills, support, and encouragement that you need to successfully navigate moments of conflict, disagreements and all those conversations you’ve been avoiding.  This is one of the most fun, inspiring, and enriching communities you’ll ever be a part of and one of Katherine’s favorite groups to coach.  She believes this community could literally change the industry and that once you’re a member, you and your team will never be the same again!

  • Attend quarterly Expert Virtual MasterClasses on topics such as:
    • Courageous Conversations
    • Building a positive, mature culture
    • Managing for growth
    • Holding people accountable
    • Developing behavioral standards
    • Team meetings that work
  • The Office is OPEN each week so drop in with your toughest situations and let Katherine help you with tips, tools, and advice on how to solve them.
  • Join our Private FB Group to support your fellow team leaders and be supported anytime
  • Get unlimited access to our Courageous Conversations Video Collection (select recordings of masterclasses)
  • Save big on other Products, Retreats, and Workshops with 15% off for members only

The Leadership Safari Academy

For owners and leadership team members who are serious about better leadership, better team relationships, and results and want an instructive coaching program with a small group of motivated professionals. 

Want to take your practice and team to the next level?  Then take your leadership to the next level.

Today’s workforce has changed and showing up as the same old manager or supervisor won’t cut it anymore.  We must adapt our leadership if we want our teams to perform at a high level, communicate maturely, and think for themselves.  Today, success requires that we reject old, stale methods of leadership thinking and canned scripts and learn a fresh, instinctive approach to building a team that thrives.  Using The Lioness Principle, you’ll learn to lead, manage, and communicate in an intuitive way to improve your existing culture, team agreements, personal effectiveness, and productivity.

The Leadership Safari Academy is an advanced curriculum-based program for leaders who are serious about getting better.  It’s the place to learn the new science around coaching, feedback, and modern leadership that can you give a huge business advantage in a highly competitive employment and business environment.  This program is designed to push you and stretch your leadership capacity and capabilities.  No more excuses… and no more limits.

You’ll learn to:
  • Coach your team members for real growth
  • Give meaningful feedback
  • Manage conflict and broken agreements
  • Set high standards and hold the line
  • Create meeting structures that actually get stuff done
  • Systemize appreciation
  • Build a team of leaders
  • Establish accountability structures
  • Upgrade your culture
  • Articulate a future vision and cultural standards that actually changes things
Join Now!

You’ll receive:
  • 1:1 strategy session with Katherine
  • Office hours – Our office is open for you for one hour every week!
  • Group coaching session – one hour, monthly
  • Group training intensives – 3-4 hours, quarterly
  • Private coaching sessions with a LS team coach – one hour, quarterly
  • Admission to (2) live events / year
    • May – Courageous Leaders Challenge Bootcamp
    • November – Owners Leadership Alignment Retreat
  • Bonus trainings, bootcamps, masterclasses, and challenges throughout the year
  • Optional success pods for accountability and support
  • Unlimited access to entire leadership library
    • Courageous Conversations online video training course
    • Strategies to Courageous Leadership
    • Expert masterclasses
    • Group training sessions & intensives (pre-recorded)
  • Copy of Courageous Conversations book (when released)
  • Access to our Facebook community
  • 20% discounts on all products, retreats, and workshops
have them at hello - practice phone skills

Have Them at Hello! Audio Program

Phone Skills Training Audio & Workbook DOWNLOAD version, $695
  • Audio Files will be delivered to your email inbox within 1-2 business days.
  • Workbook is an Adobe PDF file delivered via e-mail with audio files.

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Have them at hello coaching by Lion Speak

Lionheart Leadership Mastery

Each year we select a few applicants from our Leadership Safari Academy to join our Lionheart Leadership Mastery group. This is the highest level of leadership training we offer and therefore can only be offered to a very small number of people each year. We take registrants by application only. If you are part of our Academy and wish to apply for next year’s Mastery program, please complete this application for consideration.

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