I am ONE with that!

I recently attended a 3-day conference in Chicago called “Women Starting Movements” which is an annual conference put on by my business coach, Sara Connell. I always come home with a journal and a brain full of ideas, new methods, and commitments to implement into my business plan. Maybe equally beneficial, I also come home with a heart that’s filled with encouragement, support, and inspiration which is, of course, the rocket fuel for all the new to-do’s.

One of the things I always enjoy are Sara’s agreements for the room full of smart, powerhouse women when we start the conference. We enter into the learning by stating out loud that when we feel an inner “gremlin” such as fear or doubt, we’ll run toward it instead of from it. We agree that our vision is indeed our destiny. We state that we will not only remain open to, but will in fact expect to, receive divine downloads of the perfect ideas, resources, and inspiration needed to accomplish our dreams and drive our movements forward in the world.

One of my favorite agreements is the claim that we believe there is no competition in the room, only collaboration and celebration for what others want, create, or have already accomplished.  One of the most tangible statements supporting this belief is the statement, “I am ONE with that!” Every time someone claims a big, audacious goal, shares an awesome accomplishment, or acknowledges a milestone achieved in their business, “I am ONE with that!” is shouted from the group in unison with big enthusiasm throughout the conference.

What I love about the “I am ONE with that!” statement is the wholistic embrace and integration of someone else’s success with our own. Instead of internal thoughts (and sometimes external comments) that minimize, envy, limit, denigrate, scoff at, or judge other’s success or dreams, this statement conjures the notion that when we bless someone else’s success, we bless our own. When we accept and honor their achievements, we acknowledge we, too, can achieve something of equal or greater measure.

If I’m 100% honest, I do have moments of envy. It’s not often, but I do sometimes wonder why them and not me?  Why does it look so easy for some when it feels so hard for me? But I have found that when I say to myself (sometimes out loud), “I am ONE with that!” … I get to incorporate the possibility into my experience that if they have done it, then I can, too. By truly embracing their win, I have proof that it is indeed available to me. By blessing all that is good in their accomplishments, I become ONE with that unlimited goodness and invite it into my own future.

This week, every time you notice someone with something you wish for, hear of an accomplishment you yearn to achieve, or observe someone else’s massive success, practice the art of becoming ONE with it. Bless them for showing you what is possible and enjoy the feeling of excitement and anticipation for all the amazing things that they have now proven could absolutely be headed your way.

That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.

~ Abraham Lincoln


  1. Thank you once again… for a divine intervention of this morning’s News Letter.

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