Telephone Superstar Training Program

Transform your Team into a Powerful Frontline Salesforce

Each day your phone rings with potential new clients and your team members will either impress and convert those callers to appointments… or not. Our research shows that only 30% of frontline managers are successful at converting callers. This costs your practice thousands of dollars each month in lost revenue. Most frontline managers have never had telephone training that works. We can help you change that!

Raise the bar. Instead of scripts that teams resist and won’t use, we provide easy-to-use frameworks, customizable forms, and simple tools that get results. Your team will receive the direct feedback and targeted coaching they need to feel inspired to a higher level of personal pride and perform at their professional best.

Your time is valuable. Off-load this training and accountability to our qualified trainers. Stop losing callers because of poor skills training, low morale, and lack of professionalism. Let our highly qualified LionSpeak trainers bring back the pride, accountability, and joy to your frontline reputation and results. Welcome more new clients and cement your reputation for providing unbeatable, exceptional service to every caller.

Don’t wait. Start converting more callers and watch your team shine as Telephone Superstars today!

“This training increased advertising ROI significantly. Call conversion increased from 80% to 94%; no-shows dropped from 31% to 13%. I loved it!”

—Dave Berger, DDS

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Superstar Training Package

Only $97/month

Best Value! Telephone SuperStar Training Program contains Monthly Mystery Shopper Calls with Results Report and actions steps, quarterly live webinars, anytime access to webinar learning library, and more.

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Have Them at Hello! Audio Program

Phone Skills Training Audio & Workbook DOWNLOAD version, $695
  • Audio Files will be delivered to your email inbox within 1-2 business days.
  • Workbook is an Adobe PDF file delivered via e-mail with audio files.

have them at hello download product

Audio Program Upgrade

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Have Them at Hello!

Exceptional Phone Skills for Dental & Healthcare Practices

Our all-time BEST-SELLING training product is now BETTER THAN EVER! Totally updated & revised!

  • Learn our easy “4-Steps to a Great Phone Call” Process
  • Customize & utilize our VIP intake form
  • Get & stay in control of your call
  • Promote your practice & your doctor with ease
  • Handle potential cancellations confidently
  • Connect quickly & build rapport
  • Track your results
  • Improve outgoing calls
  • Learn the best ways to handle shoppers, cleaning only, emergencies and insurance driven callers
  • Improve your results with confirmation, reactivation and pending treatment calls

Our newest feature:
Live Phone Call Scenarios with Katherine!

Using the simple “4-Steps to a Great Phone Call” system, Katherine expertly handles these callers so your team can hear how conversational, professional, & effective they can be on the phone:

  • “I only want a cleaning.”
  • “How much do you charge for crowns?”
  • “Do you accept my insurance?”
  • “I have a toothache!”
  • “I need to cancel my appointment… again.” and much more!