Falling in Love

Tom and I just celebrated our 13th year together and our 8th wedding anniversary.  The year we fell in love, we had both turned 50 and had a better idea of what we were looking for in a partner and, maybe more importantly, what we deserved.  Our courtship and the process of falling in love overshadowed everything else in our lives that year. It was a glorious, all-consuming feeling.

I recently attended a conference called WEvolution, which is the annual event for speakers, consultants, and coaches in the dental industry and members of the Dental Speaker Institute. One of the presenters, Allison Lacoursiere, spoke about professional self-esteem and confidence, and she mentioned the idea of “falling in love with who we are becoming.” I instantly loved this idea!

It’s just so easy to judge who we have been or who we have not yet become. But, what if we could change the story and decide to fall in love with the person we are becoming, not in spite of but actually because of our past, because of mistakes, because of what we’ve learned, because of the imperfections? What if we spoke to that person internally as kindly as we would a friend or even a stranger? What if we could celebrate the unlimited potential of who we are becoming instead of the limitations or disappointments of who we have been.

This week, consider “falling in love with who you are becoming,” especially when you frown upon yourself for being less than someone else, screwing up, or repeating behavior that you know doesn’t serve you. Just as you would with a lover or child, pay attention to how you speak to yourself. Make sure that you talk to the amazing, gorgeous, fabulous YOU that you are becoming just as you would to your mentor, lover, or best friend. Lift yourself up, marvel at how far you’ve come, toast your future success, and buy yourself some roses. The YOU you’re falling in love with is perfect and gorgeous and so deserves it all!

“The words you speak are powerful, especially the words you speak to yourself.”

~ Robin S. Sharma

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