Don’t Wait to Start

You don’t have to wait until January 1st to get in shape. You can get a few more minutes of movement into your daily routine right now.

You don’t have to wait until after the vacation to start eating healthier. You can eat smaller quantities by splitting your favorite meal with your spouse right there in Hawaii.

You don’t have to write the perfect speech first to get some speaker’s coaching. You can kickstart your presentation skills as well as your creativity and storytelling ability by talking through your speech idea with a presentation coach.

You don’t have be a good leader first to benefit greatly from a leadership coach who’s in your corner and can help you become more effective immediately.

I often have people express interest in obtaining coaching for improving their client service, leadership and team communication, or their presentation skills, by prefacing their request with a statement such as this:

“Katherine, I’d loved to get some coaching, but I need to write my speech first.”

“I’d love to hire LionSpeak to help improve our team culture, but I need to get the right people on board.”

Here’s my strong advice… Don’t wait. Don’t wait for perfect conditions to get help with what you want to improve. Most of the time, a good coach will give you guidance that will not only change your results but, at first, even change the way you go about getting those results. There have been numerous times when someone reached out for coaching after having slaved over a new speech for months or spent sleepless nights crafting a tough conversation only to have me tell them that I think we might need to take an entirely different approach. How much better would it be if they had reached out early in the process and had some helpful guidance when they first had the seed of the idea?

If you are in need of improving any skill and think coaching or any kind of education or training might help… don’t wait. Find a coach or program now that you feel you can trust… someone who shares your values and understands your unique situation. Get advice early in the process. It will guide your steps and help you to make improved decisions and create a better solution quicker.

Don’t wait. Call now! At LionSpeak, we are standing by… ready to help.

“You can. You should. And, if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”
~~Steven King

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