Attracting Success

Tom is dreaming of a new truck… a fancy new 2022 GMC Sierra Denali with automatic side steps, multi-pro tailgate, heated seats, Bose sound system, and a big 3L Diesel engine—a far cry from his old 2005 Ford F350. And though he’s not quite ready to make the leap, he’s thinking so much about it that, of course, he sees them everywhere. He’s talked about it so much with me that now I see them everywhere too! But even though they seem to have just suddenly appeared en masse, we logically know they’ve been on the roads for a while, just swimming along with all the other cars and trucks that we don’t care a thing about and consequently hardly notice.  

It’s a good example of “finding what we’re looking for” or maybe more accurately, frequently noticing what we’re focused upon or thinking about on a regular basis.  This new truck is a highly activated thought in Tom’s mind which turns his eyes and attention into a heat-seeking missile, scanning the environment for the object of his focus.  

The same phenomenon is true for our life and work which is why I’m a big fan of making a daily habit of celebrating our wins, accomplishments, and successes with our personal and work families. Here’s why:  Most of us scan our environments for what is not working, what needs to be fixed, or what needs to be done. But to celebrate our successes, we must look for those, too, and think about them. When we do, we activate those successes in our mind. Once activated, we now see them everywhere which supports and bolsters our positivity, optimism, confidence, and even our creativity. It works the same for gratitude, love, opportunities, and creative answers to challenges.  

And it doesn’t even have to be your own professional wins that make the list at work. You can celebrate the personal wins of team members, the wins of those outside your circle, or even complete strangers you read about in the news! It all works the same way.  Your team is looking for wins and success and they find it everywhere. It becomes a highly activated thought and collectively you show up better.  

You can guess the rest of the story. The more positive, appreciative, and confident you and your team are… the more wins and successes you attract to you and your business. It’s a fabulous circle of optimism and opportunities.  

This week, commit to a daily and weekly practice of presenting and celebrating your wins and successes together where nobody gets a pass, even if their reported win is small and seemingly insignificant. Maybe at a morning meeting, weekly team meeting, or even on your daily message board. Find a way, make it fun, and watch what you’re celebrating now start to multiply.  

“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.

~ Nelson Mandela


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  1. I use this example with parents when their little ones need a front tooth out. I remind them that lots of kids fall on the stairs, get hit with baseballs, get deep cavities, and end up losing a front tooth. I remind them when they get a new car, they see that car everywhere and the same will happen with kids missing a front tooth. The second they start thinking about it, they notice it in lots of little kids all around them.

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