A Mother’s Love

For most of us, a mother’s love is unlike any other in our life.  Different than a father’s love, sibling love, or even romantic love.  It is what all other love aspires to be- unconditional, selfless, generous, forgiving, supportive, tough when it needs to be but gentle, and without end.  A few of us may not have experienced a love like this from our mothers, but it is safe to say that even those mothers likely wanted to be better.  Some of us felt the love of a mother from someone who was not our biological one… a grandmother, an aunt, a sister, a friend.

Mother’s Day celebrates this unique and powerful love.  It reminds us by example of how to treat and love others.
How a mother’s love is demonstrated for her children teaches us all how to:

  • Love in spite of the foolish things others do
  • Give instruction or correction from a place of love
  • Forgive and forget wrongs quickly and move on
  • See the beauty regardless of physical appearance or capability, how someone is dressed or groomed, what they own, or their level of education
  • Take pure joy from listening to the delights, mishaps, and successes of others, be they small or large
  • Lead our lives in such a way that others learn values by example, not just words
  • Wait with patience and optimism while others follow their own path, make their own mistakes, and find their way back home
  • Encourage and uplift others when they feel discouraged, broken, or unworthy
  • Have a sense of humor with life and laugh mostly at ourselves
  • Be humble and give credit where credit is due
  • Have courage to do the hard things and love to soften the edges
  • Never, ever give up on someone
  • Accept what is and to always dream big about what could be

My mother was not a perfect mother, but the older I get the more I realize she was a perfect mother for me.  I had 55 years with her, but they were not enough.  She died suddenly and unexpectedly at 75, and I miss her more than I ever knew I would.  I miss the sound of her voice, the way she hugged me, and her smile.  I miss receiving a letter from her in my mailbox, the way she always said, “Hi, honey!” when she answered a telephone call from me, and the long, relaxed conversations we had when she came to visit.  I miss the advice she would give me, the pride she felt for me, and the true joy she took in my happiness.

In the collective and on the whole, mothers teach us so much about how to be in this world.  This week, if your mom’s alive, call her.  Even though she’s not perfect, you’ll miss her more than you think you will when she’s no longer there.  If your mom is not alive, then bless the lessons you learned from her and let her spirit shine through you this week.

On Music Monday (always the first Monday of the month), enjoy this video from Sugarland entitled, “Mother”.  My favorite line:  She’s your mother.  You love her.  There won’t be another place like her again that you call home.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at LionSpeak!  Love on.

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