A Fresh Start with a Fresh Heart

In two short weeks, we will step into 2020. Sobering for some. Thrilling for others. For a few of us, it’s a little of both. One thing I know… you can’t step fully into your future, still holding on to the past.

If you’re like me, 2019 had a ton of good days and some definite hard moments. I had successes and failures, made some great decisions and a few poor choices. I realized a few of my goals and had several I didn’t even start. I made mistakes, learned some lessons, and had a couple of proud moments.

Looking back, I’d do some things differently, but most of it I wouldn’t change. Because all of it added to who I am today and to the person who will be stepping over the threshold of the New Year.

We can’t change the past. We can learn from it, but we can’t change it. Dragging it around with you only prevents you from becoming who you hope to be.

If I’ve learned anything at 60, it’s that everyone (no matter what they project) has a story and a past. Because I own a small company, write a weekly blog, and speak on stages, people tend to put me on an undeserved and unrealistic pedestal. But, I’m just like you and everyone else.

People have done me wrong. Business associates have betrayed me. Lies have been told to me and about me and stories spread that simply were not true. I’ve been hurt, judged, and stolen from. If I hold on to any of that, it doesn’t affect them one bit… only me.

But I’ve also done things of which I am not proud… ashamed, really. I’ve let people down. I’ve made bad choices and mistakes. I’ve hurt people’s feelings. I’ve been dead broke, both financially and emotionally, while keeping up the outward appearance of great success which was a big, fat lie. I can learn from all of these, but if I drag around my shame, guilt, or regret, it will weigh me down and prevent me from being better and doing better.

Who do you need to forgive? Who do you need to step away from in your life? From what do you need to learn and grow? What do you need to forgive yourself for so you can move on?
It takes courage to leave the past behind and step into your future. It takes a quiet strength to decide to forgive and stop holding other people or circumstances responsible for your current state. It takes guts to decide that, no matter what you’ve done or not done in your past, you are worthy of success, respect, and happiness and that your next year will be better than your last.

Join me in the decision to let go of the past and step into 2020 as a fresh start with a fresh heart. Let’s begin 2020 as a better version of ourselves, one that has blessed and embraced the past and is now excited about what we will learn, how we will grow, what we will contribute and accomplish, and don’t forget… all the fun we will have!

“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.”
~~Eckhart Tolle

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