Inspirational Speaker’s Workshop

Craft speeches and stories that Illuminate, Educate, and Captivate!

Great speeches illuminate great ideas, creating breakthrough moments for an audience. Well-told stories “prime the emotional pump” of your audience to hear your message and create unforgettable moments of clarity and inspiration.

Break out of the pack and stand out in the crowded arena of speakers/presenters. Spend the day with master trainer and speaker, Katherine Eitel Belt, and leave this hands-on workshop with a new and/or improved speech outline, a repeatable anchor phrase or two (which participants will be using in the halls after your speech) as well as a well-crafted story to help bring your material to life. Discover simple tools to organize any subject matter quickly and effectively as well as a 4-step process to deliver a masterful story every time.

This fast-paced, completely interactive workshop promises to be one of the best investments you’ll make this year in advancing your speaker career.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • Connector.

    Write a Great Speech

    Learn a 4-step process to construct a great speech in no time and every time

  • Connector.

    Transform Boring Subjects

    Create exciting journeys of discovery using metaphors, acronyms, memory anchors, humor, and interaction

  • Connector.

    Find Great Stories

    Discover how your life and work are FULL of useable stories

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    Craft and Deliver Stories

    Master the art of memorable storytelling

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    Lose the Jitters

    Get tips on getting more comfortable and conversational on stage

  • Connector.

    Grow Your Business

    Sell your ideas, services, and products without high-pressure tactics using “story-telling” techniqes

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    Be Unforgettable

    Drive your key points home so your audience will never forget them or you

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    Improve Host Introductions

    Eliminate boring beginnings

  • Connector.

    Grab Their Attention

    Make your first five and your last five minutes bold and strong

  • Connector.

    Move with Purpose

    Manage pace, hand gestures, eye contact, tone, and facial expressions for maximum impact

  • Connector.

    Slide Shows, A/V, and Props

    Learn how to use them right

Two Ways to Participate:

Active Participant
(Only four spots available)

  • Katherine will review your speech outline in advance
  • You’ll hone your message with a four-step process
  • Receive personalized coaching while presenting 10-15 minutes of your material to the group
  • We’ll record your presentation on your device for review and development at home.
  • Comprehensive course materials
  • Additional resources and websites
  • Lots of fun, growth, support, and applause

Observation Participant
(Unlimited registrants)

  • Observe the coaching of Active Participants
  • Comprehensive course materials
  • Additional resources and websites
  • Lots of fun and support… and the opportunity to give lots of applause
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