What Excellence Requires

In May, Tom and I are taking two of his Grand Delights (aka, granddaughters) to see Shen Yun in Palm Desert for their birthdays. They love the stage arts… dancing, drama, music… and so do we, so it’s sure to be a magical memory for all of us.

I’d seen the commercials for Shen Yun over the last few years but didn’t really know much about the troop, the show, or their history until I watched the short video below. After watching it, I knew I had to see it.

Watching the video, here’s what I learned about what is required to be a Shen Yun dancer. It takes:

  1. A mind of steel
  2. A flexible body
  3. Pushing the limits to know that the only limit is in our minds
  4. Repeating the same skill over and over and over
  5. Facing your deepest fears to conquer them
  6. Falling over a hundred times only to get back up a thousand more
  7. Delving into the past to inspire the future
  8. A head devoid of doubt and a heart full of humility
  9. Learning to speak without saying a word
  10. Knowing that greatness isn’t achieved alone but by the spirit of the team
  11. Filling our hearts with truth, compassion, and tolerance because the outer form embodies the inner spirit
  12. Changing ourselves first to change the world

Funny, it sounds like the exact same things that it takes to be at the master level of leadership, business success, speaking, clinical excellence, or anything else we’d like to master. How many of these qualities, skills, or commitments have you experienced or applied in order to accomplish excellence at something you’ve pursued?

This week watch the video with your team and look at this list together. Discuss the things it takes to become a Shen Yun dancer and how those apply to our quest to achieve true excellence in our careers, families, business, client care, and personal health and growth.

Here’s what else I took away from the Shen Yun video: Though the journey may be long, the toughest challenges bring the greatest rewards. No matter what it takes, it’s worth it.

I look forward to sinking into this performance of Shen Yun in a few months. But no matter how effortless the perfection looks… I’ll know what it actually took to deliver it.

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