The Lioness Principle's
Transformational Training Video

Are you tired of tedious meetings or training sessions
where team members are unengaged, bored, and resistant?

Do your clients seem overwhelmed when you teach information you know will help them? Want quicker, better, longer-lasting results when it comes to training current or new team members?

If you are tired of the way training has been conducted for the last 50 years and you and your team want real and lasting results… this is the video for you!  Katherine Eitel proudly presents a training video for trainers, educators, and managers which will teach you how to train for real results.

Based on two decades of training professional teams, Katherine shares her secrets to creating trainings, strategy sessions and team meetings that engage, stimulate, and make a lasting impact with those you wish to teach. Using the core principles of her wildly popular, Lioness Principle Transformational Training 2-day Workshops, she’ll give you tools, formulas, and philosophies for transforming your meetings into action-packed sessions.  This  information will change your professional life and your clients’, students’ or employees lives forever!

The Lioness Principle's: Transformational Training Video

This product is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Video files will be delivered to your email inbox within 1-2 business days. Video length: 200 minutes (3.5 hours)



Learn how to:

  • Train for independence and have them begging for more!
  • Crank up real learning and fun (and not look silly!)
  • Rework your current material into learning modules that get instant and better results
  • Know what to throw out and what to keep
  • Effectively structure multiple days of training
  • Gain “buy in” from participants
  • Reward involvement and achievement
  • Control the setup of the physical learning environment and A/V for maximum results
  • Create an effective handout
  • Skillfully handle difficult or resistant participants

You will also:

  • Get a comprehensive “Where to Go” Resource Guide with websites and ordering information for all training tools presented
  • Receive sample training tools and guide-sheets for constructing your training sessions