Training Exercise Kit

All SEVEN training exercises in one power-packed kit!

Assumption Cards
Debriefing Questions
Learning Support Agreement
Personal Response Questions
Phone Skills Practice Scenarios
Power Talking Phrases
Word on the Card

Katherine’s done the work for you:
  • Cards that are ready to print
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Extra hints and variations to use with teams of all sizes and kinds

You don’t have to hire a trainer to make every team meeting deliver a huge dose of skills improvement and productive changes. These simple but dynamic exercises will breathe life back into your tired, dysfunctional meetings and help you:

  • Review material without lecturing
  • Find a fun way to see what’s missing, misunderstood, or simply not being done
  • Get everyone involved and contributing without feeling picked on or singled out

(These WORD documents are easily modified/customized for your training needs. Microsoft Office required.)

practice feud

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Assumption Cards

Clarity creates great communication and this is The BEST exercise to demonstrate and drive home the concept that we should ask more questions before we answer most questions. Created from real scenarios observed in real offices just like yours. Your team will be better at active listening and targeting responses after playing this one!

Debriefing Questions

Want to “check in” and test what’s been learned or absorbed by the team so far? Then these 17 fun, colorful, graphically-appealing debriefing cards are just the ticket! With so many ways to incorporate these into your training sessions, you’ll use these cards again and again!

Learning Support Agreement

What’s really on the team’s mind? And how committed are they to finding a solution and sticking to it after the training is over? This Support Agreement tees up that conversation before your training and cements their commitment to the solution, skills, or attitudes after you’re done.

Personal Response Cards

Debrief and review your skills training or the team’s commitments at the end of a meeting AND find out things you never knew about each other at the same time! These cards help foster deeper learning and review of material as well as bonding your team closer together.

Phone Skills Practice Scenarios

You don’t have to think this stuff up! Katherine’s done the work for you. These cards are designed to facilitate skills practice for incoming phone calls into the practice by giving everybody a role to play and a way to participate and learn.

Power Talking Phrases

Tired of hearing how things can’t be done, won’t be embraced, or any number of negative self-talk scenarios? This exercise is specifically designed to help change the deflating and defeating language we all use and replace it with a more empowering language. One of Katherine’s favorite exercises for creating more “possibility thinking.”

Word on the Card Exercises

One of Katherine’s favorite review exercises with a highly competitive edge! Team’s love this training exercise where they compete to answer two questions correctly about the concept on their card. Teams must pull together and remember the material presented to win! Great to see how much was really absorbed and what needs further review… all while having fun together! Completely customizable to review your own material or use the concepts Katherine has provided.

“Katherine Eitel’s training aids are an essential tool in a dental trainer’s tool belt! These Word documents are easily modified to be customized for each trainer’s individual content and/or use Katherine’s content which is provided for you. This is an opportunity to utilize the training tools of the ‘trainer who trains other dental trainers!’ Act now and elevate the excitement and learning at your next training session.”

—Vanessa Emerson, Founder
Dental Speakers Bureau, Directory of Dental Speakers