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Customized Training Programs at the Ranch

Twin Creek StageStop Ranch is a special place.
Serene, majestic, a comforting energy.

These are words visitors have used to describe our little slice of heaven here in Southern California. Located 75 miles north of San Diego, Twin Creeks StageStop Ranch is a place where history and natural beauty collide. The personal residence of Tom and Katherine Belt, the beautifully restored ranch house has a huge wrap-around porch that overlook acres of farmland stunningly surrounded by the Cleveland National Forest and Mt. Palomar, with its world-famous observatory just to the south. Nestled in the crossroads of history, natural beauty, regenerative farming and western culture, the ranch is the perfect setting for those seeking private coaching to bring out creativity, focus, and greater impact.

Twin Creek History: Originally Luiseno Indian country, the ranch has original Indian “metates” in the front yard which were relocated from the creek below where the ancient oaks provided acorns for the native people to grind into flour using these rocks which still bear the holes made from that effort. Later the ranch’s land became part of the Mexican Territory and was named Aguanga (pronounced Awanga) from a hybrid of the Spanish “little waters” and the Indian “dog place.” In 1847, the famous Mormon Battalion marched through the ranch’s land and a marker is dedicated a few steps away in their honor. By 1859, the Butterfield Overland Stage claimed Aguanga and our current ranch location as a stop on the famous stage line. The longest stage line in the world, it traveled 2700 miles from Tipton, MO to San Francisco. One of the local stage stops was the Bergman homestead, the remains of which still stand today on the ranch along with the Bergman family graveyard (both accompanied by historical markers). Eventually, the ranch’s land became part of the State of California and a working longhorn cattle ranch that stayed in the Bergman family for generations. Katherine bought the ranch in 2004 and completely remodeled it with great attention to the history and spirit of the original ranch.

Natural Beauty: Twin Creek StageStop Ranch sits at the headwaters of Temecula Creek and the intersection it makes with Cottonwood Creek, hence the name Twin Creek Ranch. The creeks run year-round and separate the ranch from The Cleveland National Forest and BLM land. The hiking and mountain biking trails are some of the most beautiful in Southern California.

From the long, covered porches of the Ranch, you can look out at beautiful sweeping vistas. You’ll also notice the north side of Palomar Mountain and the famous Palomar Observatory which houses the Hale Telescope, the largest in the world until 1975. You can catch a glimpse of the white dome as you approach the Ranch from Temecula.

greenbelt-pastures-logoRegenerative Farming: More than organic or sustainable models, regenerative farming is a concept that improves and enriches the quality of the land and crops, the lives of the animals, and the lives of the people whom those products support and nourish. Tom and Katherine are believers in knowing where your food comes from and are committed to exploring a responsible, creative way to honor the land and the animals while enriching the lives of the people they will ultimately serve. From this commitment, Tom’s GreenBelt Pastures was born in 2017 on the ranch. Starting with egg-layers, Tom’s goal is to eventually raise healthy, happy, non-injected, non-GMO, pastured chicken, lamb, pork, turkey, ducks, goats, and bees for families who prefer a healthy alternative to factory meat, cheeses, and local honey. He loves the idea of raising food outside in the clean fresh air, just the way nature intended… food that he feels good feeding to us, our children, and our grandchildren as well as friends like you. He’s also known to have a few cases of a tasty micro-brewed GreenBelt IPA around. As a guest of Twin Creek StageStop Ranch and GreenBelt Pastures, we’re betting you’ll agree that your eggs, honey, cheese, meats, and beer have never tasted healthier or more delicious.

Like a walk back in time, Twin Creek StageStop Ranch is a quiet, relaxing, restorative respite to the big city life just a short drive away in San Diego or Los Angeles. Katherine and Tom Belt welcome guests to the ranch for private coaching sessions and small group workshops. Right in the heart of the Southern California Temecula Wine Region as well as a hotbed of locally grown produce, meats, cheeses, micro-brews, and olive oils… the hospitality and experience at Twin Creeks is pretty hard to beat.