The Story Challenge

I have a personal challenge for every lion, lioness, and cub out there in the Lion’s Den—all you beautiful subscribers to this weekly Monday Morning Stretch. And, I’m serious about this. It’s a real challenge.

It’s called Your Best Story Challenge. Here’s the premise: Ever notice how some people seem to live an easier life? Their businesses prosper even during hard times. They always seem to be loved and in love no matter how long they’ve been married. They have unlimited energy and opportunities. They find time for all the things they love to do and still have time to help others. They always look healthy and vibrant and super comfortable in their dang cute clothes. They have amazingly brilliant ideas that leave you thinking, “Now why didn’t I think of that?”

On multiple occasions, I’ve experienced what seemed like some pretty spooky magic going on in my own life, but it wasn’t magic. It was simply alignment with my own well-being and prosperity which had been waiting for me to line up with it energetically so I could actually experience it. I believe that is what is happening for all those people who seem to live a charmed life. They aren’t smarter, cleverer, or more deserving. They are constantly evoking a better story, aligning with it, and then stepping right into it. They don’t have more opportunities or luck. Those are as available to us as they are to them. They just align with them way more often.

It’s like wanting to hear country music when you’re tuned to a jazz station on the radio and being frustrated because all you hear is jazz. It’s not that no country music is being broadcast all around you, though it will seem like that to you. You’ll swear there is no country music playing, but others will disagree (and that will also irritate the crud out of you!) because they will be tuned to the country station and hearing all kinds of boot-tapping songs and loving it.

So here’s my challenge: I’m challenging each one of you to tell a better story to yourself and anyone to whom you speak, no matter what life hands you. As a matter of fact, not a better story but your BEST, most outrageously uplifting, fanciful, magical story! Here are some examples:

“Yes, I’ve seen the news reports, and what I’m encouraged about is that our history supports the belief that when positive change needs to happen, awareness has to be raised and new solutions have to be constructed. I can see we are right at the edge of that very thing happening, and I’m 100% optimistic about our ability as a society to figure this out and greatly improve the dynamic. It will be lovely to watch that unfold.”

“I love getting this paycheck, and I love even more the idea of watching it quickly grow and even double in the next few months. My mind is going crazy with all of the things that I’ll do with that money once it hits my bank account! I get such a kick out of all the ideas I keep getting about ways to make that happen and the fun I’ll have doing it.”

It has to be your best, most magical version of what’s happening to you as if it is happening. We will never be able to control what happens to us, but we can control our interpretations of those events and our vision of the future because of them. This isn’t about ignoring what’s happening or putting our heads in the sand, but rather it’s about the practice of using our energies wisely to assist the “powers that be” in creating a present that uplifts us and a future of our own making. We will find all that we are looking for, and I’m looking for a better and better story… and some high-kickin’ country music, as it were. We will speak into existence our future so why not speak about the one we really want?

Here’s how it works: Partner up with one person who will hold you accountable and be your official Best Story Challenge Buddy. Then, no matter what happens in politics, at work, in economic news, with your kids or spouse, with your car or any other life event, you will concoct your best ever story about that event, the outcome and wonder of your life as you see it unfolding in Technicolor detail.

Then watch what happens, and let me hear about it! Drop me a note below in the comments about your experience. I want to know if life changes or improves and if you’re finally tuning in to a different station and hearing the music you wanted to listen to?

Happy Storytelling.


“Your destiny is to fulfill those things upon which you focus most intently. So choose to keep your focus on that which is truly magnificent, beautiful, uplifting and joyful. Your life is always moving toward something. “
~ Ralph Marston