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“Inspiring. Transformational. Heavy hitting.”

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Leadership / Calibration Retreats:

“Paradigm shifting. Life changing. Truly transformational.”
—Janet Hagerman, Consultant/Trainer

“I see my leadership potential now in a whole new light. I can’t wait to get back to work and help my team reach their full potential!”
—Angela Miller, Practice Administrator

“As a recently promoted Practice Administrator for a large group practice, I knew what needed to get done but not how to train and motivate my team to do it. This workshop taught me how and our results have been nothing short of phenomenal!”
—Shelly Casey, San Diego Practice Administrator

“Katherine, you got me back in touch with my core. I left inspired, in love with my life, and in profound action around my business and relationships. 45 days after “Instinctive Leadership Training,” our team increased revenues by over 25% and helped facilitate several outstanding breakthroughs for our clients. New leaders and fresh opportunities are popping up like popcorn around here! The Lioness Principle and the lessons you teach are powerful, universal, and very applicable. Thank you!”
—Ian McKelvie, President and CEO, BeCauz

“This is the best leadership communications course I’ve ever taken! So practical and yet so inspiring. I never thought I could become such a great leader and teacher to everyone on my team.”

—John Buzza, DDS

“Inspiring!  Transformational.  Heavy hitting.  This leadership workshop literally flew by.  Full of principles and guidance to help us lead in the practice and in business from wherever we currently are in the organizational structure.  Katherine is a true master of communication and a shining example of leadership in action.  Bravo!”
—Vanessa Emerson, Founder,
Dental Speakers Bureau and Founder, Directory of Dental Speakers

Speaker’s Training:

“LionSpeak’s Inspirational Speaker’s Workshop was instrumental in launcing my speaking career and becoming a sought-after speaker! Katherine has an innate sense of what each person can achieve. She challenges and cajoles her attendees into reaching beyond their comfort zones and delivering their best! Attending Katherine’s Speaker’s Workshop was bar-none the best investment I ever made in my speaking career! Thank you, Katherine!”
—Judy Kay Mausolf, Practice Solutions, Speaker/Trainer

“LionSpeak Workshops for speakers and trainers are the best coaching available in the area of speech content, presentation and adult learning skills in dentistry (and beyond) today. I’ve referred many dozens of speakers and trainers over the years and they consistently report back that these workshops are literally life changing: transforming everything from the way they now present their educational content to the results they achieve in their businesses. Run, don’t walk!”
—Vanessa Emerson, Founder, Directory of Dental Speakers

“Katherine is the primary advisor I use to enhance my abilities as a speaker.  She also helped me craft dynamite presentations that are delivered by various members of my team.  Her experience and insight have been invaluable, both with content and delivery.”
—Reese Harper, CEO, Dentist Advisors

“Katherine is excellent at what she does.  She got me ready for the big stage and I will never forget the value of the one-on-one coaching she gave me.  If you are focused on becoming a better speaker you will not regret the investment with Katherine Eitel Belt.”
—Charles Loretto, Partner, Cain Watters

“After many people referred me to Katherine’s workshops, I enrolled in both her speaking and training programs… not only did the workshops teach me how to better connect with my audience, but they also taught me how to build a better presentation. She’s great at helping speakers at all levels and makes sure that everyone walks away with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. So if you are looking to improve your skills as a speaker or trainer, I personally highly recommend working with LionSpeak and attending a workshop.”
—Laura Hatch, owner of Front Office Rocks

“I came to Katherine’s workshop not knowing what to expect, and I left enlightened and invigorated. If you’ve been wanting to feel more confident and triumphant on the stage… don’t put this off. Invest in yourself and your career. You will be glad you did! To me, this Workshop is a MUST DO.” 

—David Moffet, The Ultimate Patient Experience

“The Speaker’s Workshop provided me the tools and next steps to help me accelerate my career as both a speaker and coach. Katherine Eitel is the best in class when it comes to message strategy, audience engagement tactic,s and speaker persona. If you had to choose “one course” to accelerate your own personal growth and results as a presenter, this is the one!”
—Art McCracken, Chief Performance Officer, LuLaRoe

“The Lioness Principle training is a must for any speaker who is looking to advance to the next level. Katherine’s passion & expertise is palpable. Her approach is thorough, yet incredibly easy to understand and retain. You will be a better speaker after attending this training!”
—Kelly Fox-Galvagni CDA, Smile Potential Dental Practice Coaching

“I can’t thank you enough for all the coaching you provided to get me to this point.  You are a master at what you do, and today’s success had so much to do with your help.”

—Robert Spiel, MBA, President, Spiel Consulting

“Katherine Eitel Belt is a phenomenal coach when it comes to connecting people to their message in a way that ignites their true potential as a speaker as they find their voice. Katherine shows a tremendous level of professionalism in all she does and particularly when it comes to customizing her approach to her client’s need. I have worked closely with Katherine through the years and not only is she good at what she does, I consider her as one of my own mentors. Katherine will leave your group inspired and confident to take their speaking and coaching to the next level. At the end of the day, Katherine build trust and helps her students do the same with their audiences.”
—Art McCracken, Chief Performance Officer, LuLaRoe

“Katherine Eitel Belt’s Inspirational Speakers Workshop is one of the most beneficial courses I’ve experienced. Included are essential elements of impactful speech writing, effective structure and valuable tips for creating compelling openings and closings. Katherine also shares powerful presentation techniques, allowing attendees to practice skills in a safe and nurturing environment. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone who wants to improve his or her speaking skills. You will leave more confident in your ability to present your message in the most dynamic and inspiring way.”
—Kathryn Gilliam, RDH, BA, Founder, PerioLinks LLC, Faculty, Productive Dentist Academy

“(After attending your presentation and implementing what I learned…) My course evaluations went from good to excellent. People really enjoy the audience participation and involvement.  THANK YOU for providing some great tools I use immediately… I’m now much more brave and creative!”
—Marie T Fluent, DDS, Educational Consultant, OSAP, Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention

“Katherine has given me the tools and resources to take an idea to a full blown business.  Not only did I learn the qualities and skills of a superior speaker, I gained clarity on my vision and structure for how my business will support my industry.  I invited Katherine to be a part of the Henry Schein Dental Business Institute Faculty, as a result of the work we did together.  I figured if she had this much impact on me, surely, she would have a profound impact on others.  After delivering a 4-part program to over 150 dental business owners now, having Katherine set the foundation for learning, establishing vision, and getting clear on how to communicate this to an owners team, has been an absolute game changer for our clients.”
—Eric Nuss, Director of Business Solutions, Henry Schein

“It was a beautiful experience to be in your audience and part of your pure, sweet and positive energy! No one compares to your beautiful presence and elevated communication skills. We are privileged to have you in the world of dentistry, for every member of the team.” 

—Lisa Marie Samaha, DDS, FAGD – PerioPassion Dental Seminars, Founder & Lead Instructor

“I really wanted to thank you for the last two times you presented at our Regional meetings for CareCredit where you gave us key points on speaking to our audience. Since then I have been able to capture audiences with my key points and have made my time at study clubs much more successful. All this to tell you that at the Synchrony Financial Sales Meeting, thanks in large part to your coaching, I won Pacesetter for 2016 for CareCredit and I want to thank you for being a part of that honor. I’m thankful for your input and encouragement.”
—Bobby Richardson, Practice Development Manager, CareCredit

“After our private coaching sessions, the six presentations I gave in September and October were not home runs but instead GRAND SLAMS! (one of the surgeon’s actual words!)  Every one of them loved it and I’m starting to gain traction with individual clients and their practices.  There’s still much work to be done but your coaching was crucial in helping me think through my presentations AND have the confidence to knock it out of the park.“
—Dave Striegel, PhD, Striegel Performance Coaching

Frontline Communication Skills:

“Another awesome Monday Morning Stretch!! I took my team to a meeting 10 years ago where you were the keynote speaker. We have all referred to you and LionSpeak since. I have used your Monday Morning Stretch quote on our whiteboard every Monday morning since you started your emails. Thank you!”
—Dr. Phil Perry

“Katherine’s presentations are a MUST SEE for both doctors and their team! These power-packed trainings unite the doctor and team members by using unscripted communication skills to gain greater treatment acceptance, patient satisfaction, and increased practice growth and success. Katherine’s realistic insight and knowledge of practice management ranks her as one of the leading communication trainers in our profession today. Her entertaining style combined with fabulous presentations will leave you wanting more and more!
—Nelson Y. Howard, D.D.S., Past President, AACD San Diego Chapter

“Your material hit the target! You brought back the enthusiasm and life to the passion I have for my work. Thanks!”
—Myrna Galpin, Office Manager

“I’ve attended similar courses in the past and this gave me far more useable techniques and ideas and really gave me a sense of excitement to start using them.”
—Heather Peppers, Office Manager

“Katherine combines real world ideas and practical experience to deliver material that is both innovative and relevant. Feedback from our clients and staff has been very positive across the board.”

—Lennart Hoerler, President, Radiant Smiles

Financial Communication Skills:

“After taking advanced cosmetic courses, we needed upgraded treatment presentation skills and we found it! As my team made the shift to treatment coordinator and financial advocate, not only did our collections improve but also our overall production and acceptance of larger cases. Katherine’s training tools are easy and awesome!”
—John Buzza, DDS

“For years, I struggled with making good financial arrangements and getting patients to say “yes” to large treatment plans. This training helped me get much better results with patients…and ultimately a raise!”
—Michele V., Financial Coordinator

“This training was the secret ingredient, the missing piece I’ve been looking for and never could find. I have never had so much fun learning!”

— Larry Guzzardo, Georgia consultant


“Katherine Eitel and The Lioness Training 2 Changed My Life! A huge statement, I know, but it is true. The 2 days I spent at this training were a catalyst for the significant professional changes I made afterwards. The journaling was key… if Katherine tells you to go sit and write, look deep and do it. I have gone back several times over the last year and re-read what I wrote. Some of it still moves me to tears. Take the chance and make the investment in yourself. You just never know what is waiting to come to life!”
—Laci Phillips, Practice Dynamics

“The cost of this course was minimal, the value was exceptional, and the natural high I experienced going home packed with new ideas, hope, and friends was PRICELESS!”
—Donna Rosebush, MI Consultant

“This workshop exceeded my expectations and will take me to the place I needed to go with my business but didn’t know how. You’ve given me the tools I needed to truly inspire my team!”
—Rachel Wall, CEO, Inspired Hygiene

“This course will change your training, consulting, lecturing and your life.”

—Linda Miles, Founder, Speaking Consulting Network

“I left this course and flew directly to a client office where I used the Transformational Training tools. It was a huge success! The team said it was their best training yet!”
—Vicki Sanco, OK consultant

“Thank you for the tools to help me teach with grace and confidence while NOT overwhelming my attendees. After taking your workshop, all I hear from clients is, “This was our best training (seminar) EVER!”
—Lois Banta, Banta Consulting

“I had a breakthrough at your Transformational Trainer Workshop! My clients were benefiting immediately from the skills I learned. Katherine willingly shared everything with us…it was amazing!”
—Trish Farrell, Kimball Consulting, Inc.

“After Katherine’s workshops my results went from average to excellent! I learned in a few days what would normally have taken years. Not only is she an amazing trainer, she is one of the most gifted speakers I have had the pleasure to hear. I can’t imagine speaking or coaching without the benefits of her inspiration and knowledge.”

—Judy Kay Mausolf, Practice Solutions

“I attended Katherine Eitel Belt’s Lioness Training Level I and Level II and it made a profound difference in how I coach and lecture.  She has an amazing ability to bring out the best in her students and deliver real world techniques that I can easily implement in my coaching and lecturing.  I recommend ANY consultant or speaker experience the wisdon, knowledge, expertise and unique training format of Katherine Eitel.  My life is changed forever because of this amazing woman.”
—Lois Banta, CEO/Owner Banta Consulting, Inc., CEO/Owner The Speaking Consulting Network

“After attending this workshop and applying what I had learned, my offices raved about our meetings. Thank you, Katherine, for showing me a way to teach practical skills in a fun environment for long-lasting results.”
—Shari Kilmer, Kimball Consulting, Inc

“’Fire hosing’ the audience or client office becomes a thing of the past when you let the participants discover many of these good ideas on their own….Too much information may be as bad as not enough. ‘Discovery’ is the Lioness Way! Just DO IT! you will be glad you did. Besides if you give the client ALL to work on in one day in office, you have no reason to return to the same clients. Chunking the situations gives you tons of follow up visit materials…You win, the practice wins and the information sticks!
—Linda Miles

“You have made a huge impact on  my life and have helped me to impact others!”
—Robyn Ramirez, Productive Dentist Academy

“Katherine is a wonderful high-energy lecturer, a very dynamic person and excellent to work with. A ‘must’ to have on your program.”

— Jane Evans, Conference Director

Meeting Planners:

“If you want to listen to a fun, motivational, uplifting, knowledgeable, entertaining, positive, team-builder and great speaker, then Katherine Eitel Belt is for you. From start to finish, working with Katherine and her team is a pleasant, professional, glitch-free experience. Let her impact your audience today!”

—Toni C. Wengreen, Administrative Director, CR Foundation, CE Director, Practical Clinical Courses

“Katherine Eitel Belt presented a great program to our clinical and clerical staff. She got rave reviews from those who attended and all felt that they had good ideas to bring back to their offices on Monday. I would highly recommend Katherine as an asset to any Continuing Education program.”
—Stuart A. Rouff, DMD, Chair, Program Committee, Sixth District Dental Society of New York

“For many years, Katherine Eitel Belt has worked with participants at the Kois Center and has achieved remarkable results. Over the past two years, she has personally contributed to the Center through her insightful presentations and inspiring words. It has become easy to understand why she has been able to create so many transformational opportunities with the dentists and teams she touches.”
—John C. Kois, DMD, MSD, Founder & Director, Kois Center, LLC

“I personally feel that Katherine Eitel Belt was the most inspirational and motivational speaker to whom I have ever listened. I attended all of her lectures at the Congress and truly believe they will be life changing – both at work and home. Excellent!”
—Attendee at the SPVS/VPMA 2014 Veterinary Congress in London, England

“Here’s how our attendees described your presentations in their reviews at this year’s Congress, Katherine… superb, inspirational, insightful, engaging, excellent, amazing, relevant, knowledgeable, brilliant, motivational, encouraging, passionate, entertaining, open, honest, humorous, interesting to listen to, and inspired me to make a change and become a lioness leader… I think we can safely say it was a smashing success! Thank you for all you contributed to making this one of our best annual sessions ever.”
—Jenny Stuart, Meeting Planner, SPVS/VPMA Veterinary Congress

“I love my job and I love dentistry but I was struggling with the leadership part. I have never had any training really, just learned on my own and boy, could I use some help!  I spent only one short session listening to you at the Hinman Meeting in Atlanta but I came home with such a change in my attitude and outlook.  My team is already sensing some changes in my approach and we are just getting started!  And your effect isn’t just on the professional side but I’ve seen it improve my personal life as well.”
—Karen L., NY

“I have been a meeting planner for The Hinman Dental Meeting for the past several years. I have heard Katherine speak many times and can highly recommend her as a speaker for your dental meeting. Katherine is engaging as a speaker and her material has been very well received by our attendees.”

—Eddie Pafford; President, Hinman Dental Society