Move. Inspire. Transform.

Craft and deliver speeches that captivate, educate, and motivate.

Connection. Impact.
Innovation. Inspiration.

What your audiences want from you.

Participation. Repeat Engagements.
Results. Standing Ovations.

What you want from your audiences.

Speaking to one or one thousand, creating clarity and inspiration with your message is what sets great speakers apart.

Whether a sales associate, CEO, KOL, or inspirational keynoter, you want to influence your audience and land your message.

We’ve helped hundreds of speakers… from C-Suite Executives to students, dentists to politicians to attorneys, seasoned speakers to beginners… write sharp speeches, craft compelling calls-to-action, and deliver those speeches with humor, grace, and impact. And we can help you.

Billionaires, Business Mogules, and US Presidents agree… the ability to speak well is the number one business skill that every successful person must have. And you can… faster and easier than you ever thought. Gain the simple formulas to write your speech, craft your story, and deliver from any platform.

“If I went back to college again, I’d concentrate on two areas learning to write and to speak before an audience. Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively.”
—Gerald Ford

“Public speaking is the most valuable skill you can learn.”
—Warren Buffett, Billionaire

Speaking Effectiveness Training


inspirational speakers workshops with lion speak

Inspirational Speaker’s Workshops

Spend the day with master trainer and speaker, Katherine Eitel Belt, and leave this hands-on workshop with a new and/or improved speech outline, a repeatable anchor phrase or two as well as a well-crafted story to help bring your material to life.

Southern California Workshops: Register for one of LionSpeak’s 2-day workshops in Southern California and join other speakers in learning how to write and deliver great speeches.

In-House Workshops: Let us bring our one- to two-day workshops to your team or company and we’ll target your specific needs for delivering impactful presentations.

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Private Coaching

Need some great coaching quickly before your next presentation?
Want help pulling all of the pieces together to knock your next speech out of the park?
Customized coaching with Katherine:

katherine eitel belt private coaching in california

Explore a Day at the Ranch: Spend a day with Katherine at her peaceful Twin Creeks Ranch in Southern California wine country.

katherine eitel belt private coaching in california

Meet in your area by adding a day onto one of her trips and get customized, focused coaching for writing and delivering your next presentation.

katherine eitel belt private coaching in california

Remote Video Coaching: Let LionSpeak set up a series of remote video coaching sessions to deliver customized training for your next presentation.


Workshops for Vendors, Sales Teams & Product Reps

Grow Your People. Grow Your Business.

Lights, Camera, Booth Action! Fire up your sales team and get ready for conventions, sales meetings, product launches and lunch-and-learns by tightening, lifting, and electrifying your short presentations. Get potential customers and referral sources to buy into your unique selling proposition and do a lot more business with you!

Attend a SpeakEasy Workshop

SpeakEasy is a signature speakers workshop designed especially for sales teams and vendors who want to ratchet up their “short game” of 5- to 30-minute product presentations. With a fraction of the presentation time, none of the training, and skyrocketing show costs, vendors who represent a product or service must be as good or better than a professional speaker in driving business for instant or future sales.

Want to customize your sales presentation content for an entire sales force?

Customize a SpeakEasy workshop for your company specific brand and unique offerings. Our LionSpeak team will help create vendor/sales presentations that attract clients, fascinate buyers, and produce sales, all wrapped in your exclusive messaging.

Using before-and-after video recording and other cutting-edge tools, we’ll support your team as they are pushed to grow, raising their confidence and help them hit homeruns from the stage.

Contact Us to Customize a Workshop
speakeasy workshop

“Thank you for the last two times you presented at our Regional meetings for CareCredit where you gave us key points on speaking to our audience of potential clients. It drastically improved my presentations and subsequent sales so much that at the Synchrony Financial Sales Meeting, thanks in large part to your coaching, I won Pacesetter for 2016 for CareCredit. I want to thank you for being a part of that honor. I’m forever grateful for your insights and encouragement.”

—Bobby Richardson, Practice Development Manager, CareCredit


In-House Workshops / Remote Video Training

You give “speeches” all the time… even if they’re not official… addressing your team, in the boardroom, introducing new initiatives, kicking off annual meetings, out in the field… and you’ll either be pretty good or you’ll be amazing. We can help you with amazing!

Our experience shows that most C-Suite executives, business owners, and corporate leaders don’t really know how well they are doing at landing their message, creating clarity, and inspiring their people… because no one will tell them. We will. We’ll keep it short, simple, and enjoyable to improve your results and land any message with more clarity and inspiration.

The process:

  • Quick assessment call – we’ll start with a quick video call to find out how we can help.
  • Team perception inventory – next, we’ll assess how your team experiences and interprets your communications currently.
  • We send a customized proposal with a simple pre-work packet
  • We come to you or you come to us for an in-person training session(s) to get right to the heart of your improvement.
  • You see results immediately!
Contact Us Today to Get Started

“Katherine has given me the tools and resources to take an idea to a full blown business. Not only did I learn the qualities and skills of a superior speaker, I gained clarity on my vision and structure for how my business will support my industry. I invited Katherine to be a part of the Henry Schein Dental Business Institute Faculty, as a result of the work we did together. Katherine delivered a 4-part program to 150+ dental business owners. She set the foundation for learning, helped them establish their vision and get clear on communicating with their team. It has been an absolute game changer for our clients.”

—Eric Nuss, Director of Business Solutions, Henry Schein

“You can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills and public speaking.”

— Warren Buffett