Running with a Faster Pride

On this Monday morning gathered around for your team huddle, you are a team of completely unique individuals preparing to work this day together toward a common goal. You will attempt to serve your patients at a high level of care while simultaneously creating a full and rich life for you and your families.

When a pride of lions hunts, one lead lioness will set a pace and the others fall quickly in step with her. New lionesses who are trying out their new skills are “brought up to speed” quickly if they want to enjoy the kill. On their own, they might go at a different, slower pace but as a part of the pride, they are drawn up into a vortex of speed set by the leader and the pack.

I have been running with a faster pride lately; young entrepreneurs who have set a lightning pace for bringing ideas, content, and services to the marketplace. They are not encumbered by mistakes, perfection, long contemplation, or even competition for they have actually recontextualized the whole idea of competitiveness into the frame of abundance and wealth with no ceiling. They see an opportunity and they jump. Their motto is “launch imperfectly and perfect as you go.” It’s the speed of the world they have grown up in and it’s very different than the one I cut my business teeth on.

But I’m finding that the longer I hang with this group, the faster I make decisions, get work completed, and set bolder goals. The pride sets the pace and we newcomers fall into the rhythm or are left out of the kill. It’s been exhilarating and eye-opening.

I’ve seen this same phenomenon happen while traveling, doing chores, and even exercising with others. Running with a faster pride will help you pick up your own pace.

Faster isn’t always better. When it comes to quality, relaxation, and conversation, I find more pleasure in a slower, leisurely pace. But when you are wanting to accomplish more in less time and accomplish some big dreams, finding friends or putting a team around you who set a quick pace will bring you up to that same speed too. I wanted to pick up our pace at LionSpeak and last month my team and I blew our goals out of the water, in great part to a young team that sets an awesome pace.

This week, if you’re wanting to get more done in a shorter amount of time, consider aligning yourself with the faster member of your team. Surround yourself with those who have gone where you want to go and fall in step with their thoughts, actions, and intentions. Whether it’s launching that new business venture, applying for that advanced degree, getting the new hairstyle, or mastering that new skill, just get out there. Launch imperfectly and perfect as you go. Get on the bike before you know you can win the race, step on the stage before you’ve perfected the speech, join the team even if you feel like an imposter…. They’ll set the pace and you’ll get up to speed quickly if you want to hang with the pride. You can have what you want… probably much sooner than you think.

“Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.”
~ Ray Bradbury

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