Music Monday: The Remedy

It’s wonderful. It’s beautiful. It’s stressful. At times, it’s sheer chaos. Ahhhh, the holidays.

In the midst of all the holiday hub-bub, I’m trying to remember that my children and grandchildren, husband and parents, friends and clients will probably not remember a single gift I gave them after I’m gone. But they will have a memory of me and how I “was” during the holidays.

Will that memory be one of looking overwhelmed? Being cranky from lack of sleep? Being distracted and pre-occupied in my attempt to make it all perfect? Being frustrated that something didn’t go as planned?

Or, will they have a memory of someone who beamed when they arrived on my doorstep? A women who gave the best and most honest hugs? Someone who sat and talked with them and really listened and was truly interested? Will they remember my obvious joy in the festivities, traditions, and beauty? Will they sense my optimism for the future? Will they be calmed by my inner sense of calm? Will they smile at the memory of a sense of humor, well-maintained through all the mishaps… rolling with the unexpected? Will they vividly remember my love for them in a way that warms them deep inside when they feel the winter’s cold?

They’re watching us. Our teammates. Our children. Our neighbors. And we’re making memories with and for them. Are they the memories we want to leave?

I’ve selected The Remedy by the Zak Brown Band for our Music Monday (always the first Monday of each month.) In an interview, Zak said that this was probably the most important song they had ever written and, so far, their favorite by a long shot. Although not a traditional Christmas song, it probably should be. His lyrics are perfect: “I’ve been thinking about the mark that I’ll be leaving, been looking for a truth that I can believe in, I’ve got everything I need, let this heart be my guide… in love, in music, in life. Love is the remedy.”

This week, as we head into the December holidays, be intentional about the memories you are forming and cementing in the minds of those with whom you interact. And remember that love truly is the remedy.

“I’ve been looking for a sound
That makes my heart sing
Been looking for a melody
That makes the church bells ring
Not looking for the fame
Or the fortune it might bring
In love, in music, in life

Jesus preached the golden rule
Buddha taught it too
Gandhi said eye for an eye
Makes the whole world go blind
With a little understanding
We can break these chains that we’ve been handed
I’ve got the medication
Love is the remedy

Pray to be stronger and wiser
Know you get what you give
Love one another
Amen (amen), amen

I’ve been thinking about the mark
That I’ll be leaving
Been looking for a truth
I can believe in
I got everything I need
Let this heart be my guide
In love, in music, in life

I’m not saying I’m a wise man
Heaven knows there’s much that I’m still finding
Making my way down this winding road
Holding on to what I love
Yeah, and leaving the rest behind
For love, for music, for life

Pray to be stronger and wiser
Know you get what you give
Love one another

(Love is the remedy)
We’re all in this world together
Life’s a gift that we have to treasure
Happiness, now that is the measure

Love is the remedy
(Love is the remedy)

Everyone can be forgiven
One love and one religion
Open up your heart and listen
Love is the remedy

Pray to be stronger and wiser
And know you get what you give
God is love, one another
Amen (amen), amen, amen (amen)”

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