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Building A Dream Team

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” —John F. Kennedy

Accountability. Wisdom.
Independence. Resourcefulness.

What you want from your team.

Trust. Appreciation.
Support. Opportunity.

What your team wants from you.
Getting a team and its leaders aligned on vision, values, and strategic outcomes is easier than you think but hard to coach yourself.

Luckily you don’t have to. Katherine Eitel Belt and her team of coaches are master facilitators of high-functioning, high-producing teams. We can help you rally them around the mission, align with the values, and become accountable for the outcomes you need and want.


Lion Camp Team Retreats

We come to you, or you come to us. Whether you manage 2 people or 200, join Katherine Eitel Belt, the Unscripted Communication Expert, as she takes teams through the process of realigning the entire team around the owner(s) vision and produce strategies for accomplishing that vision with clear action items, team commitments, and accountability processes. Learn more

lionspeak workshops with katherine eitel belt

Leaders of the Pride:

Leadership Workshop for Owners and Managers

Join Katherine Eitel Belt as she shares lessons on coaching teams that will forever impact the way you teach important information and create consistency and accountability to ignite employees’ ultimate potential. Learn more


Customized Hourly Coaching

Call us for a complimentary leadership action plan!

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“Paradigm shifting. Life changing.
Truly transformational.”

—Janet Hagerman, Consultant/Trainer


Leadership Video Download

Just like the Lioness who has excelled for centuries on the harsh African savannahs, we all have instinctive greatness that is based on ancient wisdom and hard-wired into our consciousness. Accessing and utilizing this internal wisdom is necessary to our survival as leaders. The ability to “get out of our own way” and grasp this greatness is essential to creating a brilliant and powerful influence in your practice, your family, your community, and your life. Learn more

“Katherine Eitel is the best trainer in the industry! Bar none!”

—Linda L. Miles, CSP, CMC; Founder, Speaking Consulting Network

Your ability to lead others is a mirror image of your ability to lead yourself.  True leadership stems from self-leadership and personal growth.

—Katherine Eitel Belt