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Building A Dream Team

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” —John F. Kennedy

Getting your team aligned with your vision, values, & strategic outcomes is easier than you think, but it’s hard to do it on your own. Luckily, you don’t have to.

Katherine Eitel Belt and our LionSpeak team of coaches are master facilitators of high-functioning, high-producing teams. We can help you rally your team around the mission, align with the values, and become accountable for the outcomes you need and want.

Leadership Coaching Programs

Courageous Leadership Pride

Become Part of our Pride

For practice owners, office managers, team leads, and aspiring leaders who want to learn modern leadership skills and access the support of a like-minded community. You CAN have the mature, accountable, positive team you’ve been dreaming of, and you don’t have to do it alone! If you want to stop the conflict, upgrade your culture, and improve the accountability, positivity, and productivity of your team, join our Pride.

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Leadership Mastery Program

Comprehensive, Private Leadership Program

If you’re serious about creating a next-level team & want to work 1:1 with us to become the leader you know you can be, this program is for you. It’s our most comprehensive offering—everything is included! Today’s workforce has changed. We can help you navigate the shift and coach your team to perform at a high level, communicate maturely, and think for themselves. We’ll guide you to gain the advantage you need in this competitive world. No more excuses. No more limits.

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A la carte offerings


Team Calibration Retreats

Want your team excited about serving your patients / clients, advancing their own careers, and helping to achieve your goals when they get to work every morning? Tired of accepting a lackluster team who makes excuses, is disengaged, and only works for a paycheck? Want to align your team with your true vision, cultural values, and high standards? Then you need to calibrate your team with your “why”, your “what”, and your “how”… and our Team Calibration Retreat is the best way to do it and we’ll make it easy for you to organize and deliver! Stop being frustrated with your team and get them aligned, accountable, and jazzed about being a part of the future you’re creating together!

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Courageous Conversations

Online Video Training Course

Master the important conversations you’ve been avoiding. Everything gets better when you communicate better—productivity, attitudes, accountability, and enjoyment at work! In this online video training course, you’ll learn Katherine’s simple 4-step conversation framework so that you can embrace and succeed in difficult conversations with your team.

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“Katherine Eitel is the best trainer in the industry! Bar none!”

—Linda L. Miles, CSP, CMC; Founder, Speaking Consulting Network

Your ability to lead others is a mirror image of your ability to lead yourself.  True leadership stems from self-leadership and personal growth.

—Katherine Eitel Belt