Leaders of the Pride

Unleash the Instinctive Leader in YOU!

A lion cub’s life depends on how the Lioness helps them quickly become independent – just like employees depend on us to teach the skills they need to be successful.

What can we learn from the Lioness’ approach?
It’s a jungle out there!

Whether you manage 2 people or 200, join Katherine Eitel Belt, the Unscripted Communication Expert, as she takes us through the jungle of effective leadership, management, and training skills and demonstrates how adult learners make real and lasting change. She’ll share lessons on coaching teams that will forever impact the way you teach important information and the way you create consistency and accountability to ignite employees’ ultimate potential.

Learn How To:
  • Be the manager that employees want to follow!
  • Fire up your team to accomplish the practice vision
  • Eliminate gossip, blaming, complaining and negativity
  • Create a mature culture of responsibility, positivity, and support
  • Increase compliance and accountability without becoming the “bad guy”
  • Organize and lead dynamic team meetings
  • Turn challenging employee reviews into positive growth conferences
  • No longer dread having crucial conversations with under-performing employees
  • Train for independence and elevate self-esteem
  • Use review mechanisms and testing tools such as mystery shopper calls effectively
  • Love your job as a manager/trainer more than ever!

This workshop is a must for Business Owners, Office Managers, Team Leaders, & Trainers!

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