Inspirational Speakers

Accelerator Program

Get it done... with a little help from your friends!

An extra push. Solid accountability. More clarity. You've got this!

Inspirational Speakers, you’ve taken the first step.
Now, let’s get you across the finish line!

You've purchased the Inspirational Speakers Video Training Course to become a better speaker. But, sometimes you just need a little help to get through any new program.

Our NEW Inspirational Speakers Accelerator Program is the “Accountability Buddy” you need to get that speech podium-ready!

As part of this group, you will have the opportunity to meet with Katherine Belt in a virtual small group setting for 4 weeks to:

  • Discuss the modules
  • Answer your questions
  • Get you “unstuck”
  • Share ideas
  • Walk you through the process
  • Give you massive encouragement and inspiration
  • Get that speech DONE!

We’ll even have an optional "love seat" (or two) for you to try on your ideas and get instant and personalized coaching from Katherine along with feedback from the group.

Join us for a group coaching experience that will help you leverage your investment and get you ready to rock the stage!

Meeting times:
4:30 - 6:30 pm PDT

Session 1: Aug 2
Session 2: Aug 9
Session 3: Aug 16
Session 4: Aug 29


Space is limited in order to keep the group small. Attendance is optional.
Grab your spot now!

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