Frontline Communications. Mastered.

Get Better…and Still Be YOU!

Referrals. On-time. Payment. 5-star reviews.

What you want from your patients.

Flexibility. Authenticity.
Value. Empathy.

What your patients want from you.

Throw out those scripts! You can be great and still be YOU!

We believe that defining a few simple protocols and helping people engage their intuitive voice is what makes them great at connecting and leading callers to the solutions they need!

Our training helps team members who answer telephones, present options, schedule and dismiss clients, and negotiate financial decisions to communicate with clarity, to inspire action, and to deliver outstanding client service.

Frontline Communication Skills Training

Administrators, Receptionists, Office Managers, Treatment Coordinators

Telephone Skills

In-House Workshops: Let us bring our one- to two-day interactive workshops to your team, practice, or company and we’ll target your specific needs for delivering powerful, unscripted telephone skills.

Remote Video Coaching: Let LionSpeak set up a series of remote video coaching sessions to deliver customized training to upgrade your team’s telephone skills.

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  • Downloadable Training Product:
    Have Them at Hello MP3 audio download with PDF workbook
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Telephone Skills Coaching Subscription

On-going training and support to improve and monitor unscripted telephone excellence.


  • HTAH Audio Training download/workbook with customizable forms
  • Monthly Mystery Shopper Calls with Results Report and Actions steps
  • Quarterly Live Webinars
  • Anytime Access to Webinar Learning Library
  • Reduced fees on private coaching
  • $399 QuickStart Fee – $98/month (month-to-month; cancel with 30-days notice)
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Telephone Skills

Have Them at Hello:
Unscripted Telephone Skills for the Exceptional Practice

Each day your phone rings with potential new clients and your team members will either impress and convert those callers to appointments… or not. Our research shows that only 30% of frontline managers are successful at converting callers. This costs your practice thousands of dollars each month in lost revenue. 

Do you worry about:
  • Converting new patient callers?
  • Protecting your online reputation?
  • Ensuring your practice is represented well?
  • Finding time to train and monitor your team?
  • Implementing mystery shopper calls without alienating your team?

LionSpeak can help! Most frontline managers have never had telephone training that works. We can help you change that!

Off-load this training and accountability to our qualified trainers. Stop losing callers because of poor skills training, low morale, and lack of professionalism. Bring back the pride, accountability, and joy to your frontline reputation and results.

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Treatment / Financial Presentation

Getting to “Yes!”: Unscripted Treatment and Financial Conversations for the Exceptional Practice

The buck always stops here. Well-trained Treatment and Financial Coordinators are worth their weight in gold… literally! It doesn’t matter how well you’ve diagnosed a case if it doesn’t get converted to appointments and payments. Get to “yes” quicker and more often without using manipulative sales tactics.

Do you worry about:
  • Getting large cases accepted?
  • Increasing the amount of pre-payments?
  • Lowering your A/R?
  • Helping clients to afford the care they need?
  • Finding time to train and monitor your team?

LionSpeak can help! Most Treatment and Financial Coordinators have never had training that works. We can help you change that!

With a few simple protocols, proper forms, and our proven training program, we’ll help you shift your “money lady” to a high-level professional who is skilled at presenting treatment options, closing cases, and delivering 5-star client service.

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“Taking chances with the telephone skills of your frontline team is like playing Russian Roulette with every dollar you’ve spent on your marketing and reputation.”

— Katherine EItel Belt