Bring Out The Leader In You!

Unleash the Instinctive Practice Manager and Trainer in YOU!

The life of a lion cub depends upon how quickly and effectively the Lioness teaches the skills it will need to be successful and independent of her — very much like our employees, patients and clients depend on us as supervisors, dentists and consultants to teach them the skills they need to be successful.

Have you ever glimpsed someone greater
inside of you? Ever glimpsed it in someone else?
What can we learn from the Lioness’ Approach?

Just like the Lioness who has excelled for centuries on the harsh African savannahs, we all have instinctive greatness that is based on ancient wisdom and hard-wired into our consciousness. Accessing and utilizing this internal wisdom is necessary to our survival as leaders. The ability to “get out of our own way” and grasp this greatness is essential to creating a brilliant and powerful influence in your practice, your family, your community, and your life.

But… it’s a jungle out there! Join international speaker and trainer, Katherine Eitel Belt, as she takes you on a journey of discovery into the wilds of your own potential through the jungle of effective training skills and helps you master a simple principle that is key to unlocking the instinctive greatness within yourself and others.

Motivate you and your team to do more, enjoy more and BE MORE!

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Length: 77 minutes
Video—Digital Download
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In this Live Keynote Presentation,
participants will learn how to:

Teach new information to your teams so they really get it!

Identify the one “story” that holds you back from the results you crave and deserve

How to develop the “leader’ inside every member of your team

Motivate you and your team to do more, enjoy more and BE MORE!