LionSpeak Calibration Retreats

Give your team the gift of shared alignment and strategies!

A lion cub’s life depends on how the Lioness helps them quickly become independent – just like employees depend on us to teach the skills they need to be successful.

What can we learn from the Lioness’ approach?
It’s a jungle out there!

Whether you manage 2 people or 2,000, join Katherine Eitel Belt, the Unscripted Communication Expert, as she takes teams through the process of realigning the entire team around the owner(s) vision and produce strategies for accomplishing that vision with clear action items, team commitments, and accountability processes.

Katherine Eitel Belt brings years of experience in dental and healthcare coaching as well as excellent group facilitation skills to help practices raise the bar for team alignment, business growth, client attraction, and patient service.

These retreats are held at creative off-site locations (such as climbing gyms, adventure courses, wineries, racetracks, etc.) and breathe new life and an elevated spirit back into teams and create new clarity around vision, values, goals, and strategies. They can also address roadblocks for teams and create real breakthroughs in terms of inter-team communication skills, culture, and teamwork issues such as gossip, negative attitudes, lack of accountability, and disengagement.

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Sample Agenda:


  • Owners: Vision creation, presentation coaching, leadership coaching
  • Team Members: confidential interviews
  • Assistance with retreat location
  • Creation of customized team agenda

Retreat Onsite Facilitation

  • Kickoff
  • Vision support and debrief
  • Strategy Session facilitation with action items and accountability plan
  • Team building exercises and debriefs
  • Practice celebration

Post-Retreat Support

  • Report with action items and commitments within 2 weeks
  • (2) recorded follow-up sessions with team leaders (30 days & 90 days)

What do others say about
LionSpeak’s Calibration Retreats?

“This retreat exceeded my expectations and will take me to the place I needed to go with my business but didn’t know how. You’ve given me the tools I need to truly INSPIRE my team!”

—Rachel Wall,
North Carolina consultant

“This is the best leadership and communications workshop I’ve ever taken! So practical and yet so inspiring! I never thought I could become such a great leader and teacher to everyone on my team.”

—John Buzza, DDS

“…our team increased revenues by over 25% and helped facilitate several astounding breakthroughs for our clients! New leaders and fresh opportunities are popping up like popcorn. Lioness Principles are powerful, universal and very applicable. Thank you!”

—Ian McKelvie, President of Becauz!