A Culture of the Heart

I spent a couple of rich, productive days with my dear friend, Mary Fox, recently. There are just certain people who consistently and effortlessly fill your bucket, and she is one of them!

Mary had just returned from a trip to Jamaica with her husband, and they stayed at a beautiful Hyatt resort on the island. In a conversation we were having about the idea of creating culture within a business and team, she shared how impressed she was with the sincere culture of caring exhibited by the entire staff at the Hyatt. She knew that most employees of large, luxury hotels are well-trained in customer service, and sometimes that results in a feeling of insincerity and over-compensation. But, at this resort, she somehow felt it was truly coming from the heart.

It took her a few days to notice that when she interacted with or passed by a resort employee, they would often put their hand softly over their heart and greet her or ask, “How can we take care of you today?”

When she thanked one of them for something, instead of the common, “No problem,” they responded with, “My pleasure” or with a simple, “You’re welcome.”

She noticed that their eye contact, focus, pace, and energetic connection was sincere and spot on.

All of these added up to a feeling of warmth, connection, and a sincere desire to serve. So how do we build a culture of the heart in our businesses?

First, you must define cultural and brand values for your business. Brand values dictate how you will behave with clients and the promises you will make to the marketplace. Cultural values define how you will behave with one another as a team and are internal promises you make for working within your company. Then, you train your people and arm them with the skills to be consistent and authentic when they deliver on both.

I believe it is highly likely that the Hyatt in Jamaica had clearly defined values both for clients and for their internal team along with some great training … and it showed.

This week consider what your brand and cultural values are for your business and team. How well have you communicated these values, and what training do you have in place to ensure that they are demonstrated on a consistent basis and in a natural and authentic way?

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“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job
every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”
– Jeff Bezos

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