You have something important to say. We can help you say it.

LionSpeak is dedicated to helping individuals and teams communicate in an authentic, un-scripted, exceptional way whether you are speaking with clients, your team or your audience.

Leadership Skills

Katherine Eitel Belt and her team of coaches are master facilitators of high-functioning, high-producing teams. We can help you rally them around the mission, align with the values, and become accountable for the outcomes you need and want.

Speaking Skills

Speaking to one or one thousand, creating clarity and inspiration with your message is what sets great speakers apart. Gain the simple formulas to write your speech, craft your story, and deliver from any platform.

Training Skills

Join our workshops to learn how to deliver trainings and workshops that create mastery, real learning, interaction, and massive results. Need your trainings and workshops to get better quick? Book a private coaching day with us.

Frontline Skills

Get Better…and Still Be YOU! Our training can help you develop certainty that all team members are consistent with your techniques and messaging, communicate with clarity, inspire action, and deliver outstanding client service.

What IS the 
Lioness Principle?

Just as the Lioness teaches her cubs 
to trust their natural instincts 
and gain independence, 
the Lioness Principle 
is about empowering individuals 
to lead instinctively 
from wherever they are.

“If you want to listen to a fun, motivational, uplifting, knowledgeable, entertaining, positive, team builder and great speaker,
then Katherine Eitel Belt is for you.”

—Toni C. Wengreen; Administrative Director, CR Foundation CE Director, Practical Clinical Courses


Using creative, non-traditional methods, Katherine Eitel Belt helps professionals break through barriers and achieve phenomenal results. Her presentations help professionals communicate with more authenticity and effectiveness.

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“Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess.”

— Sir Richard Branson