You have something important to say. We can help you say it.

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You have something important to say. We can help you say it.

LionSpeak is dedicated to helping individuals and teams communicate in an authentic, un-scripted, exceptional way whether you are speaking with your team, your audience, or your clients.

Frontline Skills

Exceptional service creates clients who buy, stay, and refer. LionSpeak’s protocols for telephone skills, financial conversations, and client engagement allows your team to be authentic, unscripted, and still deliver consistently excellent client service.

Leadership Skills

Positive culture drives results. For teams to be innovative, self-actualized, accountable, and focused, you need self-directed leaders. LionSpeak can develop a team that rallies around your mission, aligns with values, communicates responsibly, and is accountable for business outcomes.

Training Skills

Effective training creates mastery. The adult brain is naturally resistant to change and businesses don’t have time to wait! Learn how to deliver trainings and workshops that create real learning, instant interaction, and massive results.

Speaking Skills

Powerful speeches move people to action. Great speakers present with clarity and inspiration. Whether you speak to one or one thousand, LionSpeak will help you do just that with simple frameworks to write your speech, craft your story, and deliver powerfully from any platform.

The Lioness Principle is the cornerstone of all we do and everything we teach at LionSpeak.

What IS the Lioness Principle?

Just as the Lioness teaches her cubs to trust their natural instincts and gain independence, the Lioness Principle is about empowering individuals to lead instinctively from wherever they are.

“Katherine’s coaching got me inspired and in profound action around my business and relationships. Our team has increased revenues, facilitated outstanding breakthroughs for clients, and blossomed into self-directed leaders. LionSpeak’s lessons and tools are powerful, universal, and easily applicable.”

—Ian McKelvie, President and CEO, BeCauz

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Using creative, non-traditional methods, Katherine Eitel Belt helps professionals break through barriers and achieve phenomenal results. Her presentations help professionals communicate with more authenticity and effectiveness.

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“Communicating with clarity and inspiration is essential to creating a strong business and powerful life.”

—Katherine Eitel Belt

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